Blast Fat, Give Back

The Blast Fat, Give Back promotion is Fit Body Boot Camp’s Holiday LBO that you can use from October to early December. This promotion is amazing because it is part of our Million Dollar Mission! 100% of the proceeds will go to the Toys For Tots Foundation. In an attempt to give back, we have put together promo emails, 21 days of daily motivational emails and a custom Real Healthy Recipes Holiday Magazine– all FBBC branded – to help you make the most of this program.

We attempted to make this as DONE-FOR-YOU as possible, but you will need to EDIT THE EMAILS CAREFULLY! You will need to change/confirm data like your name and phone number, your start date, procedural or schedule changes, and things of that nature. The promo and daily emails are pre-loaded into FitPro and can be edited there, but we have also included the Word Docs here.

You will find everything you need for the Blast Fat, Give Back promotion- Happy Holidays!

Full Blast Fat, Give Back package ZIP: Download Here

Social Media Graphics: Download

Done-For-You Social Media: Download

Nutrition Overview: Download

Logo (Red): Download

Logo (Black): Download

Logo (White): Download

Goal Setting Sheet: Download

Daily Motivational Emails: Download

Certificate: Download

Monster Accountability: Download

Promotional Emails: Download

Agreement: Download

Promo Video: Download

MDM Press Release Template: Download

Toys for Tots Promo Video: Download

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