How to Build Community

How to Build Community

Community is a huge part of what we do, and it’s something that we should encourage daily so that clients stay, pay, and refer. It’s really what will keep your clients with you for years to come. So how exactly do you build community?

Be a Connector

Connect clients that you think might get along well. For instance, you could take a client that’s getting married in the very near future and connect them with another client that’s a hair stylist. Once you introduce them to each other, you create a new friendship, and friendship is what will make your Fit Body Boot Camp feel like another home to them.

Pair New Clients with Vets

Put the responsibility on your veteran clients to take a newer client under their wing. That’s an easy way for the new client to make a friend at the same session that they attend daily.

Know Your Clients on a First-Name Basis

Not only does this make your job easier—clients love it when they walk in and are greeted by their first name—but when you give them a shout-out during the session for having great form or for pushing beyond their limits, everybody else in boot camp learns that person’s name. Your community will grow as a result.

Be Active in Your Facebook Group

If a client asks a question in your private Facebook group about training, nutrition, or recovery, jump on it and give them your two cents. This group also allows people who train in the mornings to connect with people who train in the evenings, bringing together your entire boot camp.

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