You’re Invited to my Private Workshop!

Hey Fit Body Family!

As you know, I run high-performance workshops with my private coaching clients and mastermind members. It’s the fastest way to help fitness entrepreneurs level up and earn 6 and even 7 figure incomes.

Now, I’m hosting a high-performance workshop for FREE at the Fit Body Boot Camp headquarters exclusively for you, the owners who make our vision a reality.

This one-day workshop takes place, February 23rd in beautiful Chino Hills, California from 10AM to 5PM.

This is an entrepreneurial leadership workshop and we will be taking a deep dive into the six pillars that makes a person a high performer.

  1. You – have the honest and tough conversation you must have with yourself.
  2. Finally getting clarity of vision and where you want to take your business, profits, and success and the type of lifestyle you want to live.
  3. Becoming an effective leader, letting go of your passive aggressive ways that erode relationships and destroy businesses and becoming the leader who communicates openly and is decisive.
  4. Building personal structure and discipline as well as business structure and discipline for your team to make growth consistent and predictable.
  5. Building, and maintaining a high-performance team who is in line with your vision and in it to win it!
  6. The 7 empire building pillars that most entrepreneurs overlook which causes you to struggle and suffer in business.


Our Learning Center can only hold 65 people MAX, so here’s what I need you to do.

If you’re serious about coming to the workshop so you can dominate and 10 your income, email [email protected] right away to RSVP.

If you cannot come, or you think you might have to switch plans at the last minute, DO NOT RSVP!

Anyone on the RSVP list who does NOT show up will be blacklisted—no more free workshops, no more special opportunities like this.

Are you committed to making your Fit Body Boot Camp the most profitable and life-changing fitness business in your community? If so, email Jamie to RSVP at [email protected]and I’ll see you on February 23rd!

Talk soon,


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