05-20-2020 – Your Leadership MUST CONTINUE

Hi Fit Fam,

Big lesson for you today: Your Leadership is PARAMOUNT right now.

Don’t assume that your members, your team and your community knows what you are doing.

Don’t pull back on your messaging, on your videos, on your enthusiasm.

You must keep showing up. You must keep repeating your message with urgency.

90% of leadership is showing up and repeating the same message with enthusiasm over and over and over again.

Great leaders have great teams, and great teams are massively profitable.

Please watch my LIVE video from earlier today. Tune in to my 2x’s-a-week LIVE videos Mondays and Wednesdays at 12noon PDT.

1. No Marketing Fee for JUNE

Since we are still in transition going from offline to online, we are not reinstating the marketing fee yet. We see hope as many gyms are opening and we reserve the right to reinstate the marketing fee in July or August, once we are confident that the majority of our locations will benefit from it.

2. ALL OF JUNE the FitBodyBootCamp.com Web Special will be the 28 Day Stronger Together Challenge

We will not be sending prospects to your physical location in June.  Most locations are only going to have the space to train your existing clients, and so the online offer will be our current at-home challenge. If you are open and able to have new prospects come into your location then simply reach out to these new leads as they come in to you.

This 28 Day Stronger Together Web Special program is being revitalized this week and Matt Wilber will be teaching the new onboarding and facilitation of this program on our HQ ZOOM next Tuesday, May 26th.


Our preferred insurance vendor Marsh & McLennan Agency will NOT drop you for opening your doors, so.

==> If your current insurance carrier won’t cover you then click to learn more

Fit Body Reopening Insurance Best Practice Guidance from Marsh & McLennan:

For those on the endorsed FBBC insurance program through Marsh & McLennan, there is no exclusionary language in your General Liability policy, for covered causes of loss, such as slip and fall or property damage, if the government requires you be shut down.

If an incident arises where an employee or customer tests positive for the COVID virus and claims they got it at your FBBC studio, the best course of action is to submit a claim to the insurance company. This does not mean it is covered as it has to be determined if happened at a Fit Body studio. Often, that burden is on the employee or customer to prove that. However, by filing a claim the carrier needs to do their investigation and determine if coverage applies. It is better to have the carrier do the investigation and deal with this situation than you.

If you have any further questions, and/or, would like to know more about the Fit Body business insurance program in place through Marsh & McLennan, please click on this link, https://mma.marshmma.com/FBBC, or contact Katie Dempsey at [email protected]

4.Want to Contribute to the Be the Light Movement: Daily post member engagement tool?

==> Fill out this simple survey!

5. Get Ready to Reopen! See the SWIPE EMAIL below to share with your member regarding your reopening. 

First and foremost, it is very important that you download and read our Fit Body Reopening Protocol in its entirety. The success of our reopening depends on every location following the protocol to ensure the safety of our members and coaches.

==> Download and Utilize our Fit Body Reopening Protocol

Matt Schneider, our Executive Director of Operations and Compliance, is here to help you with any questions that you have about when you should be opening your location. Reach him via email: [email protected] OR ==> schedule a call with him.

A Few Other Things…

As always, I’m available to help answer your questions and to support you. Feel free to reach out to me at any time and stay tuned for continued updates from myself and the entire HQ team.


Committed to your success,

Bedros Keuilian
CEO, Fit Body Boot Camp



Subject: The Reopening Plan (Add your reopening date here)



Here today with exciting news about our reopening date!

This email is long but extremely important as I want to provide you with a high-level view of our “reopening plan” and the cleaning and safety measures we are taking to ensure you are safe, which we have named the “Fit Body Protocol”.

This Fit Body Protocol was created by our Franchise Headquarters and is a 25-page comprehensive document with the goal of keeping our clients, team, and facility both clean and safe!

In fact, our CEO, Bedros Keuilian, was asked to be featured on National News various times over the last couple of weeks to discuss the protocol. In addition to the fact that it has been submitted directly to the CDC.

Regarding the plan, and to provide further insight, the majority of our Fit Body locations across the country have already reopened or are opening this week.

This in mind, Fit Body CEO Bedros has planted his flag and is encouraging all locations across the brand who haven’t already opened, to begin opening Monday, June 1 using our re-opening protocol to keep our clients and communities safe while still delivering great workouts.

In fact, after surveying our members nationwide we discovered that 79% of them would come and workout if we re-opened and had specific sanitation measures in place. The alternative is that we are going to have much, much bigger problems for our locations, location owners, and the members that we serve.

You may have heard that countless boutique fitness studios across the globe who have gone out of business over the last 3 months and unfortunately are more on the brink. In addition to that stress and depression are at an all-time high. More people than ever are using alcohol and drugs to cope with what’s happening and statistics show that for every one percent increase in unemployment, approximately 29,000 people will die (heart attacks, suicide, domestic violence).

These deaths won’t be linked to the COVID-19 virus or unemployment or loss of business, they’ll be linked to heart attacks, random suicides, and domestic violence. But the truth is they would be a direct byproduct of this virus, the loss of jobs and business, and the prolonged lockdown.

This is why we’re actively taking a stand to not just re-open Fit Body locations but to encourage other businesses to go back to business using smart sanitization protocols to keep their clients and customers safe.

As we have a duty and obligation to our clients to reopen safely and responsibly so we can continue to carry out our mission of Inspiring Fitness and Changing Lives Every Day.

Please also keep in mind and to set expectations, the below information illustrates the “Reopening Phase” which will be different than you are used to, although it will not last forever.

We don’t have an exact and specific timeline as there are many factors at play. Although we know things will eventually return to the “new normal” which will resemble pre-COVID boot camp as much as humanly possible.

Thus, we expect this reopening phase to last for as long as it needs to. But we are targeting 30-60 days, although not confirmed, and will be in touch with frequent updates as things progress.

For the Reopening Phase

Team Training
We will be spending the coming 2 weeks training our team on the Fit Body Cleaning Protocol and Training in Place Modality to ensure your experience is safe and effective when our doors reopen.

Training in Place Modality
We will be temporarily limiting the number of clients to a maximum of 20 per session. Space will be marked off by 8×8 and you (and each client) will remain in your designated 8×8 space the entire session. Our coaches will wear face masks, although you will not be required. As without movement across the studio or personal content, this exponentially reduces risk.

High Fives
We will not be high fiving or fist bumping to limit contact exposure.  Although, we are still humans that crave connection, so for the time being “air high fives” are welcomed.

Liability Waiver
We will be requiring clients to sign off on a COVID 19 liability waiver to be clear and transparent about any potential risk.

Booking Sessions
We will require all clients to book sessions prior through the use of our check-in app. We will also limit each client to 1 in-person session per day (unlimited virtual).  It’s an extra step that we don’t normally need to take, but because of our need to limit the number of clients per session for this phase, we need to ensure the session is not overbooked due to your safety and that of our coaches. Instructions on that to come next week.

We will be modifying our schedule slightly for this phase. We will release this to you insert date as we must take into account the 30-minute cleaning we will be conducting in between sessions by our team for your safety.

Cleaning Products
We have invested thousands of dollars over the last 2 weeks in cleaning sprayers, disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizers, gloves/face masks for our coaches, and effective cleaning products all approved by the CDC with the appropriate bacterial kill rates.

Location Deep Cleaning
We have scheduled a deep cleaning and sanitization by our friends and normal vendor “Service Master Clean” to ensure the facility has a surgical-grade level of cleaning the week prior to reopening our doors.  Please keep in mind, our mats are cleaned daily by our team/cleaning service in addition to being antibacterial. But we are taking the extra deep cleaning step for your safety.

Virtual Sessions
From receiving what are nearly daily requests to reopen ASAP by our clients; we know that the vast majority of our clients will be heading back to location as soon as the week of insert date. Personally, I cannot wait!!

Although we anticipate some clients wanting/needing to return to boot camp a little later which is also ok. Therefore, we will also be offering Virtual sessions for the foreseeable future in addition to in-person sessions.

This way, we can train virtually for the clients who desire AND at location at the same time, without disruption into normal session times to ensure your experience remains high during the transition.

Next Step
We will be in touch insert date, with more specifics including a COVID orientation video to ensure you have more information and are fully prepared for our insert date reopening date.
Thank you for being such a loyal and valued member. We look forward to seeing you back in session!

Your Sign Off
Fit Body Boot Camp

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