WC closes in 24 hours!


WC Registration Closes in 24 Hours – This is the only event that helps Fit Body Boot Camp owners get more clients, boost profits, and expand their businesses with exclusive tips and strategies! Click here to sign up today or lose your seat.

WC Hotel Rooms Still Available – Just make sure you set your registration forMarch 14 to 18, otherwise the system will get confused and show zero availability. If you want to add the 19th, you’ll have to add that separately. Click here to book your room!

New Web Special is Live – Check your website for our newest Web Special: the Fast Forward Challenge! It’s a 21 day challenge to help people get their summer bodies now instead of later. You don’t need to do anything extra—just love up those new leads and convince them they can’t go on without your training.

How to Set Your Prices – New page up on FBBC University: How to Set Your Membership Pricing—this is a useful review even if you’ve been open for a while already. For newer owners, this is a must-read!

You Need a Defibrillator – Another useful review we just put up: our AED guidelines. The short version: you need to get a defibrillator and get certified to use it. That is way, way less expensive than the alternative (which could cost you your business).

Lesson of the Week – Hire slow, fire fast. You need to hire and develop the best of the best coaches in your community. Ruthlessly cut out the average and the mediocre. Make people fight for the privilege of joining your elite team. If it’s “easy” to get and keep a job with you, your standards are too low.


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