Weekly Update: Lead Launcher for Free?


Lead Launcher for Free?! – As we speak, the Lead Launcher team is testing out a new version of Drop Pounds, Get Paid where you don’t pay the $800 service fee—you literally just tell them to turn on the promo and get 100-400 leads for free. The testing group is already filled up, but keep an eye out here to see if they keep it this way for good!

Beyond the Scale Launching Soon – We’ve got our first 5 episodes ready for the official Fit Body Boot Camp podcast: Beyond the Scale! This will be yet another source of leads for you that builds our brand and positions us as the worldwide experts in fat loss. Click to like and follow the Facebook fan page!

Pay Your Team for Training – A major franchise I won’t name just got into serious legal and financial trouble by having its employees do their training off the clock. Lesson learned: pay your team for training. It’s a business expense and an investment in your team, so just do it. Click here for more info.

Lesson of the Week – Delegate! Don’t worry if your team is “ready” for you to delegate to them. Delegate on your schedule, not theirs. If they’re fighter jets who deserve to be there, they’ll grow and adapt to the challenge. If they can’t keep up, go get new team members.

Love you guys 💪👊


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