The Ultimate Transformation Challenge License

Matt Wilber here…

I can’t BELIEVE I am going to offer this!

As many of you know by now I teamed up with FBBC to license my Ultimate Transformation Challenge which is exclusive to Fit Body Boot Camp Owners.

This program undoubtedly will make you the Transformation Kings and Queens of your hometown.

It is a 4,6, and 12 week high end, customizable, and scalable coaching program that has helped my clients lose over 100,000 pounds, 175 clients have lost 50 pounds or more and is the reason why in 4 years I have gone from my Grandmas basement to 5.14 Million in revenue last year and will do over 7 Million this year.

This program is that powerful because it provides such incredible results for your clients and gives them an incredible experience. This is an FBBC exclusive, no one can copy you, no one can duplicate you, which means market domination for YOU!

We utilize a system called Direct Macro Counting that provides the accuracy of counting macros but simplifies the process that makes it easier for your clients to adhere to the program.

This program has literally made me millions on the front end and millions on the backend and the reason we decided to take the last year and a half to create the program for you is to PAY IT FORWARD.

Bedros has taught me when you become successful it is your duty and obligation to pay it forward.

FBBC family, this is me paying it forward in a huge way.

The program comes with everything you need from marketing, to onboarding, to running the program to offboarding the program.

The website comes with an owners portal, a coaches portal, and a client portal.

As an owner you can add coaches to the coaches portal and if they were to ever be let go or you don’t want them to have access you just remove them.

When you want to run a challenge you pick what Challenge you want to run (4,6,12) and the start date and it will create you a custom link to share with your clients when you want them to access to it and it expires 1-2 weeks after the Challenge ends.

The coaches portal teaches your coaches everything they need to run the system. How to take the initial eval, create their macros, how to answer initial eval and weekly progress reports, and how to adjust clients macros along the way.

With this program, you are able to offer a high-end coaching program but you don’t need nutrition coaches, they just need to follow the system. We literally had 1,300 people on our last Challenge and none of our coaches are super savvy when it comes to nutrition, they just have to follow the system.

We have all the videos and all the documents to teach and coach your coaches so you don’t have too.

The client’s portal is again a combination of videos and documents and teaches your clients everything they need to be successful with the program.

All you need to do as the owner is follow the system and look like the hero.

With the license, you get ongoing support from me and my team. We have a private owners only Facebook group that you will get an answer to any of your questions within a 24 hour period Monday-Friday.

You truly will not be in this battle alone.

If you have a nutrition question you will get it answered by one of our nutrition coaches. We even have a dietician on staff.

We will be continuously be updating and improving the program to make it better even though we have spent the last 4 years perfecting it… in fact, we are working on a 2.0 as we speak and in 2019 we will be coming out with a Challenge app that again takes your clients experience to another level, you stand out in an increasingly competitive marketplace and will make your coaches jobs easy to run and implement the program.

Not to mention with this program we are creating the largest database of before and after’s on the PLANET!!!!!!

You will have access to our 100’s of transformations and testimonials to help you market the program but the only requirement of Licensees of the program is they will need to submit the overall weight and inches lost with the program as well as the overall winners before and after and testimonial as well as their best visual transformation winner.

There will be 100+ owners on this program imagine all the before and after’s. You will literally have a harder time picking which transformations you want to share for social proof that it will be to run the program.

We launched the program at World Conference and we had a few issues with the website and the bugs will be fixed this week and for that, I AM GOING TO DO SOMETHING INSANE!

I am making the offer that I made at WORLD CONFERENCE EVEN BETTER!

Bedros is probably going to think I need to be locked away in a psych ward.

What I offered at WC was a stupid good offer and I am going to make this a no-brainer and if you don’t take me up on the offer you will regret it for a very long time because the owners that do take it up are going to get clients crazy results, fill their boot camps, and look like hero’s.

Plus you will eventually buy it because it’s that good.

The investment at WC was $3,000 and $200 a month for a 3-year agreement and for multiple locations it’s $5,000 and $250 a month.

The buy-in will be going up $1,000 after this offer is over and I am going to throw in the kitchen sink for you all because I know if you get on board you are not only going to make $100’s of thousands of dollars but impact so many lives and together we can help clients lose millions of lives together.

Everyone who commits to purchasing the program when the Website is 100% up and running is going to get my Domination Workshop for FREE! Yes, the domination workshop is normally $3,500 and you will it 100% for FREE. All you need to pay is for your guest if they come which is only $500.

Now it gets even better. I spoke with Dustin Bogle this weekend about offering his FBBC Coaching Academy on the same weekend of the Domination Workshop.

We will host it our Forest Hills location so not only do you get a PHD in Fitness Business May 2-4th, but also Dustin is going to bring the thunder with Coaches and show them how to bring more fire, energy and excitement to every session. The Teaching Day and Hands-On Workshop will both take place in one of our world-class facilities.

The combination of the 2 will revolutionize your business.

The domination workshop is Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and the Coaching Academy workshop will be Saturday and Sunday.

If this wasn’t cool enough, if you commit to the Challenge not only am I going to give you my Domination Workshop Free I am also going to pay for the coaching workshop for you the owner.

If you would like to bring additional people the cost is $250 a person.

I am literally giving you $3,750 to purchase the license. As I type this I talking myself out of it.

I am not going to lie I will be losing my butt by giving the workshop for free and paying for you to attend the coaching workshop but that is how passionate I am about this product and I know what it can do for your business, your clients, and your life.

 I am also going to throw in the share links for my previous challenges (you already get the sales emails and sales ad copy) this alone is worth $10,000 or more.

 I am also going to throw in my Grand Opening Funnel that helps me build a list of 1,500-2,200 people before I open my doors and 350-425 paying challengers when I open my door. This funnel no shit has made me over $100,000 and I am going to give it to you for FREE.

 I will also add you to my Byron Center email list so you can see the magic unfold and you can just steal and deploy my emails.

Seriously….. when I originally looked at selling this I was going to sell it for $20,000 and wipe my hands of it and at that price, it’s a freaking steal by how much value it’s going to bring you and your clients.

Even without incentives I am giving the program away.

Now I am putting a week on this timeline. This will give you plenty of time to get your ducks in a row to make it to the May Workshop and Coaching Workshop (you do not have to attend both, you can just do 1 if you like).

If you really can’t make the May workshop I will let you attend a workshop in the future.

Let me recap.

You commit today that you will buy the UTC License when It’s officially released by going here.

I will not accept a dollar until I know I have 100% functionality on the website.

The investment of the program is $2,500 plus $200 a month for 1 location or $5,000 and $250 a month for unlimited locations.

For your investment into the program that is going to make you a shit ton of money, get your clients draw dropping results, and make you look like a hero I am throwing in…

1) May Domination workshop (or a future workshop), if you bring a guest it will only be $500 ($3,500 Value)
2) FBBC Coaching Academy for FREE, any additional guests will be $250. ($250 Value)
3) Challenge Opt-in and Sales Page Shares Links (I personally have paid $50,000 + for this so I will value you it at $10,000).
4) Grand Opening Funnel (this is has made me over $100,000 on the front end so I will value it at a minimum of $50,000).

You are seriously getting well over $100,000 worth things that will change your life and change your client’s life for pennies.

Here is what you need to do.

Go here and fill out this form (it will be quick).

Put in your details, pick which UTC program you want, whether you will be attending the may workshop, how many guests, whether you will be attending the coaching academy, and how many guests…. All set.

It will only take a few minutes.

Payment will not be due for 1-2 weeks as we finish the website.

I don’t want to be a dick but you are absolutely crazy if you do not take me up on this offer.

Please let me help you make more money.

Please let me help you get clients the results they deserve.

Please let me take your business to the next level.

Please let Dustin help you and your coaches be the best they can be and give your clients an awesome experience on the blue mats.

There will NEVER be an opportunity like this again (for real, even Bedros is coming to the May workshop…ill let you rub his amazing beard for free).

Go here and get onboard with The Ultimate Transformation Challenge and together we are going to change our communities and help millions of people’s lives.

Who’s in?

If you have any questions whatsoever comment down below.

OH, and there is a 30 Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee. Once you have access to the website and you don’t think it can help you 10x your tiny investment into the program I will give you your money back.

So no risk, only reward and the 30 days doesn’t begin until you have access to the program.

Just go here and lets change the world together.

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