How To Follow Up And Convert Leads

Friday July 05, 2019

How To Follow Up And Convert Leads

So your marketing campaigns are taking off and bringing you in a whole gaggle of leads that you now have to manage. Good problem to have right? Problem is right if you’re not following up properly! I’m going to help you handle the overwhelming feeling of seeing hundreds of leads in your inbox or on your spreadsheets. Follow the following tips and you’ll be able to convert more leads into clients.
Segment Your Leads
Each type of lead will require a different level of messaging. Depending on how the lead came to you, it may be hot and ready to close or may need a bit of warming. For example, a lead that comes to you by way of a free 2 week trial Facebook opt-in campaign as opposed to a lead that filled out a ‘contact me’ form on your webpage are at different points in the sales funnel and should be approached accordingly.
Organize leads into multiple categories. You could make it Hot, Warm and Cold or you can make it whatever you want that will help you with your organizational habits. Leads may end up going through all of these different categories at any given time. I would also suggest using a CRM (contact/customer relation management) like Fit Pro Tracker ( which can break up your leads based on what part of their journey they are on. (New lead, trial membership, VIP, Past client, etc.) This can help you with sending out appropriate messages to each lead type. You obviously don’t want to be sending a past client that you would like to bring back the same message your sending to a trial member.
Differentiating these leads will lend to a more personalized approach that makes the leads feel better about doing business with you and thus lead to more leads converting to clients.
Create a follow-up schedule
A lot of franchisees are using the 5×2 method. This is reaching out 2 times a day, 5 days straight. Preferably on different avenues of communication. For example, Monday morning you give them a call, Monday night you send them an email. Tuesday morning you send them a text and Tuesday evening you direct message them on Facebook. You get the picture. Remember, it typically requires 7-10 touches before a conversion happens. Creating a follow-up schedule will ensure you remain consistent with your communications and prevent you from letting the leads you worked so hard to attain fall through the cracks. Keep following up and after 5 days, move them to another segment of your marketing campaign. Something like the ‘Warm’ list. Maybe these leads get a text from you twice a week as well as set up on an automated email campaign that sends them an email twice a week then follow up with a phone call once a week. After they are in that program for a couple weeks, move them to your cold folder. Those people might get a text once a month, the automated email campaign and a call once a month just reaching out to them.

Personalize Your Communication
Personalize emails by using their name, same with texts. Reach out to them on the phone and ask them if they have any questions you can personally answer. Being the owner of the club making these personal touches can go a long way. The things you send them should also add value to their lives. Something like a dieting tip of the week, a workout of the month, etc. Something that they would be willing to read that keeps you in front of them so that the next time they get the urge to make that life changing decision to improve their health and fitness, you’re the first person they call.

Track Communications
If you have a CRM system, you’re way ahead of the game. CRM’s allow you to keep a record of all customer outreach and the results of those communications. If you don’t have a CRM, no worries – that’s what Excel is for! Simply create a spreadsheet which includes your prospects contact information and notes regarding the dates and methods used to nurture those leads. Like I stated above, I do highly recommend checking out something like Fit Pro Tracker. The small cost per month is much less costly than the amount of dollars you’ll be able to make by being more efficient and being able to convert more leads to clients.

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