TRULEAN Ingredient Highlight 3 – Electrolytes

Ok, so if the secret is drinking more water… Is water enough? 


Actually no, it’s not. 


You’ve probably heard about “electrolytes” but what the hell are they? 


Without electrolytes you actually cannot absorb water… Let me explain. 


Electrolytes are salts that we take into our body from foods or supplements and dissolve into positive and negative ions. 


These positive and negative ions conduct electricity and every function in our body from our heart beat, lungs pumping and digestion is fired through a series of electrical impulses. 


Additionally these little ions are responsible for the flow of water from cell to cell through a process known as osmosis. 


Without electrolytes water is unable to move from cell to cell and cells would burst or shrivel — even if there is plenty of water in the body. 


We get the majority of the electrolytes we need from the foods we eat — sodium, magnesium, potassium, bicarbonate and calcium are the 5 electrolytes needed to keep our bodily function running properly… 


Heart beating, lungs pumping and brain thinking… Check. 


When we sweat from exertion or exercise the ions travel to the surface of our skin pulling water with it to cool us down — after the water evaporates we are left with a salty residue from the electrolytes. 


The side effect of that cooling process is that we now have LESS WATER in the body to keep our cells hydrated and even LESS ELECTROLYTES to signal our body rhythms. 


If this state is prolonged you will begin to experience cramping, fatigue, headaches, dizziness and even death if gone untreated. 


This is why during regular exercise it is so important to replace the essential hydrating electrolytes on top of drinking enough water…


These are Magnesium, Sodium and Potassium — found of course in EVERYDAY FIT.

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