Shout Out: Yara and Edgar Torres

Yara and Edgar Torres Just CRUSHED IT With Their Grand Opening! Let’s all show some love!

Ever since they officially joined the FBBC Family in late October last year, Yara and Edgar Torres have done an outstanding job generating buzz and opening their boot camp with a bang.

Click here to watch their Grand Opening sizzle reel!

From the second they started their build out, they’ve been flooding their Facebook page with fun videos. They showed off every step of the build out and invited the community to give feedback, emphasizing that “It’s not just our gym, it’s everyone’s gym.”  

In other words, they’ve been using the classic Know, Like, and Trust strategy. When you watch one of their videos, you Know who’s running the business, and you just can’t help but Like them too because of their positive energy. Plus, you Trust them because of their community focus and transparency.

That’s why it’s no coincidence that their Grand Opening was such a hit. (Seriously, go watch the video. It looked like a ton of fun!) They put in the work, they focused on serving the community, and the community responded by showing up in a big way.

In fact, they demonstrated at least two of our core values throughout the whole process: Taking Ownership and Open Communication!

Yara and Edgar, you two are doing excellent work, and if you keep up this same level of buzz and excitement you have a VERY bright future ahead of you.


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