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Want to Work Out with a US Marine and Navy SEAL?
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Date: October 14, 2019

Location: Chino Hills, CA

The Ultimate Upgrade to Your Mental Toughness, Problem Solving, Communication, and Leadership

As a Fit Body Boot Camp owner, you already know that true fitness begins in the MIND before it ever reaches the body.

The mind can forge discipline and focus…or it can churn out excuses to give up.

The mind can imagine a solution to any problem…or it can get distracted and discouraged by obstacles.

The mind can envision the perfect body, business, or even relationship…and if your WHY is strong enough, the mind can direct the body towards greatness.

So what’s your mind up to?

Listen: we all need constant training of the mind and body to stay in peak performance so we can deliver the best results to our clients and earn the highest incomes in return.

I need it, you need it. Success is rented and rent is due every day.

That’s why I’m so excited to give you an EXCLUSIVE invitation to a special workout led by…

Steve Eckert,

US Marine, 7 Figure Formula Mastermind Coach

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Ray Care,

US Navy SEAL, speaker, peak performance coach

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This will be at my own home, in my own backyard, with food and drinks provided for the whole day.
This will be a physical event — what else would you expect from these two guys? And it WILL push you to reveal your inner BEAST.
Your reward for completing the workout will be:

  • Greater mental clarity, focus, and toughness
  • Faster, better decision making under pressure
  • Clearer, more direct communication
  • Leadership skills extracted from the battlefield
  • More self confidence and the chance to hang out with some true badasses

Space is limited to 40 attendees so Ray and Steve can give everyone the full experience.

Registration is only $300. This is ONLY for members of the Fit Body Boot Camp Mastermind Group.

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Navy Seal Training

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