Vehicle Wraps

Getting Started:

  • Please find the Wrap Samples.pdf in the READ ME FIRST folder. The Wrap Samples.pdf gives examples of what you can have your wrap company re-create for your specific vehicle.
  • You do have flexibility in your design and can simply use any of the included elements to create your desired wrap. These elements are located in folders 2, 3, and 4.
  • You may do either a full wrap or partial wrap to suit your needs.

Brand Guidelines

  • Please use the FBBC Brand Expression Guide for your design.
  • With the exception of the logo tilt and box, we do require you to adhere to these guidelines for maximum visibility we are allowing you to use any of the included logos (folder 2) but may not modify them or use any effects like bevels or scratchy overlays.


  • Feel free to use any of the hi-res images included in folder 3. There are a few that are in a Photoshop format that are pre-isolated or have layers for edit-ability.


  • Feel free to modify the copy used on the mock-ups.
  • You may use only the fonts found in folder 4 (Install these fonts).

Design Approval

  • Design Approval is not required but you may submit your proof to [email protected] if you would like feedback. Feel free to email that address if you have any questions.
  • Fit Body Bootcamp reserves the right to request the removal of graphics if it does not adhere to the above guidelines.

Bedros’s Exclusive Truck Wrap:

Download the artwork for this vehicle wrap here: DOWNLOAD

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