Outdoor and Virtual Sessions


Yes, we are living in interesting times.

With more states calling for shut downs including New York, Michigan, and Arizona all in the last 2 weeks. And California being the latest as of this week, the uphill climb continues.

But in the words of Marcus Arilies, former Emperor of Rome:

“You have power over your mind, not outside events, realize this and you will find strength.”

Therefore we will continue to focus on what’s within our control in order to serve our clients and ensure our businesses survive and thrive with what looks like a continued tough road ahead.

So in this effort to continue supporting you and your clients, we have worked with our attorney on creating an addendum to your Franchise Agreement (FA) that will allow you to continue offering Virtual Training and now Outdoor Bootcamps!

Fit Body started outdoors and as Governors are forcing doors to shut for a second time, we are going back to our outside roots to serve our clients who still want to come to a place to workout.

And because your Franchise Agreement does not allow for you to run Virtual Training and Outdoor Bootcamps, we want to formally document HQ’s approval for you.

From a legal standpoint, it is both necessary and important to have the Virtual and Outdoor Bootcamp Agreement in place.

Without it, you are in violation and in material breach of your Franchise Agreement. And we know that can seem scary for some people. So we’re doing something about it and making it “legal” for our franchise owners to officially offer online “virtual” and outdoor workouts.

Additionally, there are FBBC Trademark infringement issues that the agreement cleans up regarding your FBBC generating revenue outside the scope of your original franchise agreement.

Looking ahead and as an action step, our team will be sending you the online agreement within 48 hours to digitally sign.

Once the agreement is electronically signed and returned, HQ will be able to release the second round of On-Demand Videos, Virtual Training resources, and Outdoor Bootcamp resources!

Thank you, head up and we are stronger together!


Bryce Henson
Vice President

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