October Announcements & A Letter From Bryce

October 2, 2018

Dear Fit Body Boot Camp Owners,
I’m coming to you today from the HQ with important and exciting announcements. There’s a ton happening in the month of October with the rollout of Club Ready and the New Year New You Challenge registration going live. Let’s dive right in…

HQ Offsets Your Software Costs

It has come to our attention that Zen Planner has raised your rates and is attempting to add a frivolous fee during your conversion to Club Ready. Since we did not renew our agreement with them it is their prerogative to proceed this way, and I’m sorry that they’re doing this.

In order to massively offset the short-term impact of Zen Planner’s increase in rates, we are waiving our software fee for Oct, Nov and December. That is $900 in savings for you.

Not only will you not pay a penny for our software bundle until January of 2019, we are also providing you with an FBBC Step-by-Step Software Conversion Guide to show you how to avoid paying their fee.

You do NOT need to pay the $200 Zen Planner exit file fee. Simply follow our step-by-step guide for manually exporting your files.

You MUST Be Compliant With Software

With so many exciting promotions and offerings coming to fruition, it’s imperative that you become compliant with our new software in order to participate and benefit. By now you should be using Quickbooks Online and have your Qvinci account synced. When you complete these two steps you’ll receive an email from HQ with instructions on initiating your Club Ready conversion.

I understand that life can get in the way of your best intentions, so if you aren’t compliant with our software then visit this page to get started: FBBCUniversity.com/NewSoftware

Start now so you complete in time to still participate in the New Year New You Challenge!

Get Ready…Get Set…Get on Club Ready!

The time has arrived! As soon as you are compliant with Quickbooks and your Qvinci account is synced, click over to being the FBBC Step-by-Step Software Conversion Guide. Fill out and submit the form in Step One and from there Club Ready conversion specialists will actively walk you through the account set up process.

The transition process is well laid out for you in our FBBC Step-by-Step Software Conversion Guide. In it you will find:

  • How to avoid the Zen Planner exit file fee
  • How to export your data from Zen Planner
  • What to expect the day before, and day of, your Conversion Day
  • How to run a dual system while collecting client payment information
  • When to give Zen Planner your 30-day notice

I know this transition period can be a hassle, and so we are working to make this process as simple, efficient and cost-effective as possible for you. The whole transition period should take 2-3 weeks and the whole HQ team and our dedicated Club Ready support team are here to help you every step of the way.

Exciting news, we are opening up the New Year New You Challenge Location Registration Page where it costs you nothing to register. Brooke Burke is our official face and spokesperson in this challenge and there is over $200K in cash prizes up for grabs, both for you and your challengers.

There’s only one way to access the registration page: by submitting your Club Ready Account Set Up Form. All Challenge payments run through Club Ready, so you must be on the new system in order to participate. This Challenge is designed to make you money and to convert prospects into lifelong clients…it’s going to be epic!

FBBC Supplement Line Update

Momentum continues to build with the FBBC Supplement Line. Our products have entered the formulation process. The entire HQ team took part in a taste testing event – check out some footage in our October Announcement Video! Stay tuned for another update on the development of the FBBC Supplement Line next month. Also, we are excited to send you samples in January so that you can get a taste of the most amazing supplement line on the planet!

Follow Up Webinar with Bedros and Bryce

Bedros and I will be sitting down in the FBBC HQ Studio this Thursday, October 4th at 11am PST to answer any questions you have about these announcements. Register for the webinar at FBBCUniversity.com under the Coaching Tab. Submit your questions now: [email protected].

Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm as we implement the new software, systems and promotions, all designed to make your location run more efficiently and to generate more profit. You are deeply appreciated as a loyal FBBC owner. These franchise-wide improvements will ensure that FBBC Never Peaks and that the best is yet to come!

Bryce Henson
Vice President

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