Introducing the Nutritional Coaching Institute

Fit Body Family, I’ve got good news for you!

Have you ever had a client who works out consistently but sabotages their own results by still eating junk food?

Or have you ever had a client who follows your nutrition plan, does everything right, and somehow still doesn’t get results?

Trust me, I know what’s it’s like to have these clients. It’s frustrating, because you feel like you’ve already done everything in your power to help them, but they still aren’t getting results.

Now…what I’m about to tell you is not your fault, but it IS the one thing holding back your clients’ results, so pay attention:

You are missing the application side of nutrition. It doesn’t matter if you have zero experience with nutrition or if you’ve already taken all the top nutrition certs—nobody out there is teaching the application side of nutrition. They give you the knowledge, but they don’t tell you what to do with it.

Except for one…

Introducing…the Nutritional Coaching Institute!

NCI was created by my good friend and mentee, Jason Phillips. Jason is a performance and fat loss nutrition expert who has a unique gift for turning nutritional knowledge into practical coaching techniques.

Jason and his team of nutrition coaches get phenomenal results for their clients, and they’ve now put together a system that you can use to tackle your clients’ toughest eating challenges and get them the results they desire.

And of course, when you get your clients results, that means more referrals, more client loyalty, higher status for your business, more new clients coming in, and more revenue and personal income for you.

Curious about the certification? Click here to see a full lesson plan!

It all comes down to creating healthier habits and behaviors for your clients. Have you ever heard of “emotional eating”? Well, it turns out emotions account for a HUGE number of eating problems.

Jason and his team have discovered a simple set of techniques and tools you can use to disarm or work around the emotional triggers that are holding back your clients. That way, you can install healthier habits and get them on track to lasting results (and referrals and testimonials!)

Now I do have to warn you…

Jason has had hundreds of fitness professionals DEMAND he put on a workshop like this for a while…and with the last workshop, he sold out all 100 seats within a week!

The next NCI workshop will be in Austin, Texas on January 27 & 28.

So I recommend you check out his certification right now by clicking here. Make sure you register now to secure your spot!

Send your coaches or go there yourself. Either way, you’re going to get the tools, knowledge, and confidence to deliver better results to your clients than ever before.

Talk soon!


P.S. I’m so impressed with Jason’s certification that I actually sent the FBBC HQ Operations team out to his workshop. Put yourself ahead of the curve today by signing up for the NCI level 1 certification!

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