Leadership Separates a “Trainer” from a “Coach”

Leadership Separates a “Trainer” from a “Coach”

Just as we mentioned in the introduction section, there’s a distinct difference between a trainer and a coach. At Fit Body Boot Camp, we certify coaches, not trainers.

What’s the Difference?

A trainer just counts reps and gives clients a great workout, which is fine. But a coach goes above and beyond. They are fueled by passion, and their purpose is to make lasting changes in their clients. They do whatever it takes to get their clients results.

Coaches Prescribe

Everybody’s at a different stage of nutrition, training, and recovery. A coach identifies that, then gives that person a recommended prescription for where they’re at health-wise.

Coaches Set Goals, Deliver, Then Repeat

A coach also helps their clients reach their big goals, like a body weight goal or a body fat percentage goal. But it doesn’t stop there. The coach would then look ahead and find another goal for their client to reach, such as doing their first chin-up or competing in a mud run—something that gets them just as fired up as the goal they just hit.

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