How to Present Yourself on Social Media

How to Present Yourself on Social Media

How do you post positive, quality content on social media? It’s easy, just remember the acronym “THINK” whenever you log on to post something.


Is what you post true? There’s so much false information posted on social media, so make sure you post factual content that you can back up.


Are your posts helpful to others? Are you posting something positive, or are you tearing your clients down and spreading negativity?


Post things that inspire people to pursue a healthier life. An inspiring post could be a story that highlights a client at your facility, or it could be about a celebrity, or it could be about a sports figure, or it could even be about you, the coach.


Is this post necessary? Is this something that will help your clients, or is it something that won’t benefit them at all? Think twice the next time you post that photo of your lunch!


This one’s simple: does your post come from a kind place? Is your message warm and uplifting?

THINK. That’s it. There are a few more things to keep in mind when online, so let’s briefly go through them.

Be Professional

Don’t debate your clients in politics, religion, or anything controversial. Social media is not the place to do that. Coaches that do this come across as unprofessional, which deters people from checking out their facilities.

Don’t Check in Elsewhere

It’s great to check in at Fit Body Boot Camp and to support your facility. Still, you might train at another facility that caters more specifically to your fitness needs. That’s fine. Just make sure you don’t check in from that gym on social media, because your clients might start to second guess your workouts if they see that on their timelines.

Share Your Struggles

When your clients find out that you occasionally slip up on your nutrition, or that you take an off day every now and then, they relate to you more. They want to know that you’re human, and sharing your struggles communicates just that.

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