As a Fit Body Boot Camp coach, you’re going to encounter a wide variety of clients, many with misconceptions about fitness. Your job is to steer them in the right direction. Here are some of the most common types of clients you’ll coach in boot camp.

The “Workout Warrior”

This is somebody who takes advantage of the unlimited access they get to our schedule. The “workout warrior” really pushes themselves to the limit, doing two sessions back-to-back, or maybe a morning and an evening session.

The problem with this is it drains their body and hits their hormones really hard, and it doesn’t allow them the time and energy they need to recover properly and maximize their nutrition. The result? They don’t see the results that they want to see.

So coach your clients on why one great session at max effort is more effective than doing two sessions in a day. If they do two, chances are they’re going to pace themselves because they know they have to be there for an hour or longer. Also, encourage them to spend their downtime on their nutrition, whether that means shopping for groceries or planning out meals.

The “Road Warrior”

This is somebody that has a running or a cyclist background, and they want to combine that with Fit Body Boot Camp. They go to boot camp to make up for the strength training they miss while doing so much cardio. But this can be dangerous: the joints wear down from so many repetitions of exercise.

The right fix might be to limit the amount of cycling and running the client does so you can protect their joints and get them better results. Again, more strength training, less cardio time, and better nutrition—that’s the recipe for success at Fit Body.

The “Diet Warrior”

This is someone that reads every diet book that comes out and follows all the popular diet blogs, yet they don’t get any results. Why? It’s because they change their diet so often.

Here’s how you can help the “Diet Warrior”. First, thank them for being so proactive, then determine one diet they can follow for 6-8 weeks. Explain to them why that diet is the only one they need to follow.

The “Zombie Warrior”

This is the person that gets no sleep. They come into boot camp early in the morning and absolutely push themselves. Their body never gets a chance to rebound or recover fully because they’re always underslept and overworked.

This is another quick fix. Tell the client they need 6 or 8 hours of sleep to see the best results possible from your program. If they need help getting started, offer them your best sleeping tips, and always stress how important getting a good night’s sleep is to your health.

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