Coach Outcome Goals

Coach Outcome Goals

It’s now time to set some goals for yourself. Let’s plan out your 30-day, 60-day, and 90-day goals so you get the most out of this certification.

Your 30-Day Goal

Your 30-day goal is to get a referral to come through your doors and to sign that referral up for a membership. Just ask your current clients to refer their friends, family, and coworkers to boot camp. Then, get that referral on a trial program and make them fall in love with you. Deliver them results, then convert them into a membership.

Your 60-Day Goal

Your 60-day goal is to collect 10 success stories from 10 of your clients. Once you hit 60 days, you should have clients that have lost weight and achieved some non-scale victories. Get them to put those success stories into writing, and also get a before and after photo from them so you can post that on social media. These are great to promote because people want to see that you deliver results.

Note: Always make sure you ask for your client’s permission before using their photos on social media.

Your 90-Day Goal

Your 90-day goal is to retain all of the clients that have signed up for your program. Specifically, your challenge is to retain 95% of your clients by the 90-day mark. You can hit that target by doing a few things.

First, build trust. If your clients trust you, they know you, and they like you, they’re gonna stay with you for the months and years to come. Second, keep challenging your clients. Your clients might look for something else if they don’t feel challenged enough by your training. Keep them on their toes, whether they’re beginners to exercise or they’re boot camp veterans. Finally, make sure you encourage a strong sense of culture and community at your boot camp. When you do this, your clients will choose to stay with you and refer.

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