Step 1 – Setting Up Your $15,000 Giveaway Ads on Facebook

Step 1 – Setting Up Your $15,000 Giveaway Ads on Facebook

You may be thinking, “I don’t have $15,000 to give away.” Don’t worry, I’ve got you! Since you are running boot camp, it doesn’t cost you a penny to bring these people into your facility. Yes, they will take up space, but they won’t cost you any additional money to train. The reason for this is LEVERAGE. With the leverage that boot camp provides, you will not incur any addi-tional payroll to service these FREE memberships.

With the FREE memberships, you will give away a combination of 1-, 2-,3-, and 6-month memberships leading up to your pre-sale (pre-sale is a 48-hour period where people can buy your program before everyone else; more on this later). By entering to win the FREE memberships, they will also be placed on your pre-sale email list.

Save the larger membership giveaways for after the pre-sale ends to keep your open rates (the percent of people opening your emails) after the pre-sale high. By holding off on your biggest membership giveaways people will continue to open your emails.

The membership giveaways make the entire process work, so do not shy away from this. Again, it is not $15,000 out of your pocket, it costs you nothing to do this.

To build your email list and get known, you have to go big! The cost of getting an email address is increasing. As the competitive landscape continues to increase with more gyms and boutique fitness facilities opening around the country, you have to offer MORE to get an email address.

In the past, we used to only ask for an email address during the opt-in campaign. Here’s why: if you ask me for my phone number, I know you are going to spam me, so no matter what the offer is, I am not giving you my phone number.

However, as email open rates continue to decline, it’s getting harder and harder to get into people’s inboxes (this is called in-boxing). This means that people don’t see your emails, even if they opt-in. If they don’t see your email, how the heck are they going to read it? Because of this, we recently started asking people for their phone numbers in addition to their email addresses. Research shows that people read more than 80% of their text messages and messages on Facebook and Instagram.

This is also WHY we have figured out how to integrate Many-chat (Facebook Messenger Bot) into our new Grand Opening strategy to even further optimize our strategy. With email address and phone numbers in hand, monster follow-up is possible. Your opt-ins may decrease slightly, but you’ll have higher-quality leads because you can follow-up with leads through multiple channels and not just email.

If you do collect phone number or create campaigns for Face-book Messenger, be smart and follow the rules. If you spam them, Facebook may deactivate your acc

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