How to Not Get Sued Over Training

Like Bedros mentioned in his Weekly Update, we need to make sure all your team members are only  training while they are on the clock. Otherwise, you could have to pay heavy legal fees.

By “training” we mean any course or certification that you require them to take as part of their employment. That includes all of the certifications here on FBBC U and all external certification programs (like NASM, ACE, NCI, etc.).

If you ask a team member to take any one of these courses, you need to make sure they do it on the clock and get paid for it. If they choose to do any extra training or certifications on their own time, that won’t affect you.

Keep in mind here that training your team is a crucial part of your success as a Fit Body owner. When your team members take their training on the clock, it gives you the opportunity to keep them accountable and monitor their progress.

To help you with this, we’ve added a pop-up on all our certifications that will remind your team members to make sure they’re on the clock. Here’s a screenshot:

Hope this helps! If you have any other questions about this, feel free to post them in the Family group on Facebook.

Stay cool 😎

Sean Mabry

FBBC Editorial Manager

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