Franchise Advisory Council

Dear FBBC Owner: Do you love our brand and have great ideas about how we could serve even more clients and generate even higher profits? If so, read this:

Increase Profits, Have Your Voice Heard, Grow the Brand, Drive Change, Deliver Excellence, and Evolve the Franchise–Together

From: BRYCE HENSON, Vice President of Fit Body Boot Camp

As our brand grows and evolves, it’s more important than ever for us here at HQ to hear the voices of Fit Body Boot Camp owners around the world and empower you to help us steer the direction of our franchise.

This is your invitation to help. Starting today, we are creating a council of Fit Body Boot Camp owners who will meet with us directly at HQ, advise and guide our decisions, and help us communicate those decisions to the rest of the franchise.

Introducing the Fit Body Boot Camp Franchise Advisory Council

How the Franchise Advisory Council Will Serve You

The Franchise Advisory Council (FAC) will consist of seven Fit Body Boot Camp owners who represent a cross section of our ownership.

Specifically, we plan to include…

  • Brand new owners
  • Long standing owners
  • Single location owners
  • Multiple location owners
  • Owners from different regions

The FAC will meet with key team members at the HQ three times per year — once in person before World Conference, then twice via remote meeting.

At these meetings, the FAC will play an active role in:

  • Shaping our current marketing methods
  • Streamlining our operational procedures
  • Refining our products and services
  • Exploring opportunities for innovation
  • Communicating the needs of Fit Body owners to the team at HQ
  • Communicating the vision and direction of the franchise to fellow Fit Body owners
  • Helping all Fit Body owners reduce costs, streamline operations, and raise profits

To read the full Fit Body Boot Camp Franchise Advisory Council Charter, click here.

How to Join the Franchise Advisory Council

We at HQ will review all nominations to make sure the owner is in good standing with the franchise. Once we have made a final decision about who to include on the council, we will reach out to those owners directly to confirm.

You may submit ONE set of nominations for the Council. Fill out the forms below to select your top three choices for the Council. You may submit yourself for a nomination if you feel you would be a good fit.

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