Franchise Advisory Council Charter

The Fit Body Boot Camp Franchise Advisory Council Charter

The FBBC Franchise Advisory Council (FAC) is a formal channel of collaborative communication with a committee of franchisees who, together, provide HQ with input as well as insight on how to improve the system. Its intention is to provide outstanding advice and guidance to HQ about the on-the-ground needs of the franchisee as well as the day-to-day operational needs. The ultimate goal is to facilitate communication between HQ and the group of operating franchisees to improve the business overall.

Meetings: The FAC will meet quarterly each calendar year, twice in person and twice via zoom call. HQ finances the costs for face-to-face meeting rooms and support costs affiliated with the FAC. The intent of these meetings are to further the business and improve operations, reduce costs, or tackle other internal concerns in the way the company works.

Topics on the agenda may include:

  • Current marketing methods
  • Operational issues and procedures
  • Product and service matters
  • Explore Innovation

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