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This 10 Week Challenge Runs September 16th – November 23rd

Dear FBBC Location Owner: The Only Way to Participate In The Fit Body Transformation Challenge Is To Register Your FBBC Location Here On This Page.

The Fit Body Transformation Challenge will be a 10-week challenge which we will change thousands of lives!

You will be receiving all assets for the entire program from marketing to running the Challenge on August 7th.

On August 5th you will be invited to join an Owners Facebook Group that will be monitored by Matt Wilber and his team to ensure any and all questions get answered as they arrive about the Challenge.

We will be doing multiple trainings as needed so that you can knock this out of the park.

Here’s what you will get:

  • Detailed instructions for how to run the entire 10-week challenge, including the ready-to-use meal plan, orientation process, weigh-ins, submitting finalists, and promotional images and footage to use at your location and online.
  • Professionally crafted marketing assets, photos, videos, and emails for your own use
  • Done-for-you content throughout the challenge, including videos to help motivate participants

Down below is the Calendar we advise following for the Challenge.

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