Increase Your Income and Make More Time for Your Personal Life

Get the Hands-On Personal Coaching You Need to Grow Your Business While Working Less at Craig Ballantyne’s One-Day Perfect Life Workshop… AND Get an Extra 90-Days of Follow-Up Accountability and Coaching from Craig, Too!

Who is Craig Ballantyne?

Craig Ballantyne is “The World’s Most Disciplined Man.” He’s also Bedros’s most trusted business partner across multiple businesses. And he’s a Fit Body Boot Camp owner, just like you!

Craig specializes in helping busy entrepreneurs like you create the perfect blueprint for your life. No more kids crying because they don’t get enough time with you. No more pulse-pounding anxiety when you’re in bed trying to fall asleep at night. With Craig’s success formula, you will make more money than you’ve ever made before BECAUSE you are spending more time with your family and on yourself.

In the Perfect Life Workshop, Craig will work with you personally to create a blueprint for how to accomplish your biggest goals in business and still have work-life balance.
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The Perfect Life Workshop goes like this…

  • You’ll meet from 9am to 5pm in an intimate and focused small group setting (maximum of 6 people).
  • Craig will reveal the #1 source of FRICTION holding you back from reaching the next level in life.
  • You’ll use Craig’s latest success and achievement discoveries to begin building your custom Perfect Life Blueprint based on your big goals and dreams.
  • You’ll identify how to use your passion to 10X what you can achieve in the next 30 days.
  • He’ll ask you his game-changing Million Dollar Question™ that will completely change your perspective on life… Seriously, if he gave you this and nothing else, it alone would be worth your $5,000 investment in the Perfect Life Workshop.
  • Before you finish the morning, you’ll have discovered the TRUE #1 priority in your life and you’ll build a step-by-step plan to dominating this path so that you can achieve EXACTLY what you want in life (and more!) in less time than you ever thought possible.
  • At lunch you’ll relax and recharge while continuing to build powerful, supportive relationships with the other positive, high-performers in the room.
  • By the end of the day, you’ll have all the accountability and connections you’ll need to achieve extraordinary results in every area of your life.
  • Sharing without judgement or fear is the name of the game at the Workshop. There are going to be BIG breakthroughs for everyone, and it’ll be a little intense, but totally worth it.
  • In the afternoon, you’ll systematically destroy the evil temptations, the annoying distractions, the anxiety, and even the biggest obstacles that are in the way of you getting exactly what you want out of life.
  • Once these temptations are cleared, you’ll build out your custom Work-Life Balance schedule so you get more done and achieve faster results without losing your precious time to those old daily distractions.
  • By the end of the day, you’ll walk away with absolute clarity on how to get EXACTLY what you want in your personal and professional life…and you’ll have a precise 30-day blueprint in place so you get faster results while working less (and perhaps even taking Friday’s off like some of his top clients do each week).

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Workshop Schedules:

APRIL 25TH, 2018 

APRIL 28TH, 2018 

MAY 12TH, 2018 

JUNE 1ST, 2018 

JUNE 16TH, 2018 

JUNE 22ND, 2018 

JUNE 27TH, 2018 

JULY 13TH, 2018 

JULY 20TH, 2018 

JULY 21ST, 2018 

AUGUST 15TH, 2018 

Check Out Some of Craig’s Top Success Stories

Bedros Keuilian
Founder of Fit Body Boot Camp

“I can turn that mental clutter into mental clarity, and that I was able to actually force multiply the speed [and progress]”

Shanda Sumpter

“Thank you so much for helping me re-organize my life with The Perfect Day Formula. You really helped me a lot to transform the way I think about my life and my day.”

Jason Capital

“You uncover and discover all these ideas and answers that are just waiting for you, almost like gold just mine them out and then put them into actions. This workshop really takes your one-to-three years of getting there and it compresses it in a few short hours.”

Jason Ferruggia
Author and host of Renegade Radio

“Craig’s workshop was absolutely incredible. I got so much out of it, and he helped me finally discover my true passion and purpose.”

Jay Jablonski
Hollywood Actor

“I was applying the lessons to create a daily routine that would help propel my personal, professional life up to the next level”

Mike Westerdal
Entrepreneur and Author

“The workshop was so amazing because it was customized for each person based on their goals and challenges. I now have more all-day energy and focus. Even my wife has noticed a big difference!”

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Brian Kalakay
Fit Body Boot Camp Owner

“I realized I was a workoholic, I could work from 6am to 10pm at night and be super happy, which is great when you’re an entrepreneur, but it’s really bad when you’re starting a family.”

Shawna Kaminski
51-year old fitness model, best-selling author, and FBBC Owner

“He’s helped me crystalize my vision, so that I can find my zone of genius to create my perfect life.”

Dr. Kellee Rutley

“The Perfect Life Workshop is the thing that solve the mindset that was setting me up for that kind of frustration and fatigue and burnout.”

Maria Mountain
Olympic & Professional Athlete Trainer

“When I left, I had exactly what I liked. I want to have a task and a checklist so I know exactly what to do. That was monumental! Probably the more imporant thing was, now I have a clear vision where I wanna be in 3-years time.”

S. Taylor
Award-winning female entrepreneur, FBBC Owner

“If you’re not living up to your dreams, or if you need help creating your vision, this event will change your life.”

Megan Kruger
FBBC Owner and Author

“The Perfect Life Workshop was incredible. Craig gave me the perfect plan for my life and made sure all of my actions were congruent with what I want out of my life.”

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Mike Whitfield
Creator of

“Having this huge weight lifted off my sholders at the end of the day because of the clarity that I was so craving to get.”

Brian Stecker
Military veteran, Entrepreneur

“The Perfect Life Workshop was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself, my business, and my relationships.”

Jim Moyna
Ret. Marine, Fit Body Boot Camp owner

“I read your book, Perfect Day Formula, loved it, and knew I had to do more.”

Josh Carter
Creator of 2XR Fitness, FBBC CMO

“Help me see how I’ve been in my own way and how I can create systems and structure my day, and my life so that I can achieve goals that I previously thought were out of reach.”

Ben Yu
Co-Founder of Sprayable Energy

“It’s shocking, even in 4 days I can see the effects are already starting to take place and I know with extreme clarity where I’m going to go”

Joseph Dixon
Hollywood Actor

“It was incredible! If you have read Craig’s really amazing book the Perfect Day Formula, you’ll understand how genius he is at helping you identify where the noise is in your life and the things that are holding you back.”

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Diana Keuilian
Author, The Recipe Hacker

“Craig’s Perfect Life Workshop coaching has been the secret sauce behind how I’ve been able to accomplish writing two books, selling over 20,000 copies of each, and building my online cooking empire – all while being a busy mom of 2 kids.”

Bryan Harney
Owner & Founder of Southside Knockout Training Center

“The Perfect Life Workshop completely changed my life in literally one-day! When I went to the workshop in just one day I was able to get a clear vision on how not to separate the two (work and life balance), and keep those two aligned.”

Phil Kelley

“It was life changing for me. Got a little more structure in my life and I was able to setup my day for success by waking up early.”

Cara Eckerman
7-Figure Entrepreneur and FBBC Owner

“I went in with high expectations but I was completely blown away at all the breakthroughs that I had… I’m on pace and on track to already succeed and excel in all the goals that you helped me set.”

Zander Fryer
Success Coach & Entrepreneur

“It really helped me clarify some things in my business and my personal life that I clearly needed to change and actually helped me take the first steps to actually making those changes and bring them to reality.”

Isabel De Los Rios
Founder of Beyond Diet

“Since then, I will tell you that not only that I spend more time with my kids, I’m still working fulltime running Beyond Diet and I’m also home-schooling my two children.”

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Blake Linklater
Financial Advisor

“I made those changes and I notice a significant change right away. From being able to spend more time with my kids by reducing the amount of stuff I do in the morning.”

Erin Nielsen
Founder of

“It really truly was life changing and not just for me but for my family too. My husband finaly said that he has his wife back.”

Daniel Woodrum
FBBC Owner 

“I was blown away with what I’ve learned. What I really took away is finding my vision and then having a plan of attack to reach that vision.”

Bryce Henson
FBBC Influencer

“It was incredible! He’s a great accountability coach. Diving into the workshop was really deep. The analysis was awesome it will give you a clear understanding of my goal, objectives and what you wanted to accomplish this year and the coming few years.”

Scott Rawcliffe

“What surprise me is everything revolved around my perfect life even though it sounds like crazy. That’s the whole idea behind the workshop. It was acually help you find out how to actually organize your life put in a way you’re going to reach your goals.”

Joey Stewart

“If I were to say, Managers, Business owners, even employee at any level in a company – should really attend this event, it’s gonna help you wherever you’re at in life.”

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Shawn Hadsall
Founder of Get Lean in 12

“My thinking in every area of my life went to a whole nother level”

Rob Hanly
Forbes featured digital publisher & marketer

“that led to me having this lesson of trusting myself at a much deeper level”

Vince Del Monte
Best Selling Author of Living Large

“The kids will be grown up before we know it, and our family is valuable, and we just need to get clarity on our vision

Barry Dunlop
A Lifelong Entrepreneur

“Craig makes you accountable for what you’re going to do … don’t do this workshop if you think you’re just going to breeze through it”

Dr. Sean Francis
owner Kawartha Lakes Chiropractic, Towerhill Chiropractic, and Kawartha Lakes Fit Body Boot Camp

“if I look forward over the year and the many years to come, using the knowledge that you shared with me today, it will certainly make this workshop invaluable”

Matthew Delnegro
Actor, PodCaster, Husband and Father

“I walked away with not only with this lofty grand dreams, that he supported in the workshop, but also this really pragmatic approach where I walked out there with almost a to-do list or a punch-list of what I needed to do.”

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Frequently Asked Questions


A: Great question. The PDF book is a mere starter guide for high-performers. Craig’s research and experience has shown that thought leaders like yourself expect extraordinary results in all areas of life, but are being held back by both external and internal factors.That’s why Craig has created a series of two dozen success tools for you to go through in-person that allow you to overcome the unique obstacles in your way (that the average person doesn’t have to deal with). These tools are too advanced to be used with the general population, and they can only be fully utilized in a private, in-person setting like the Perfect Life Workshop.


A: No. Craig is not a life coach, although you’ll leave with a detailed 30-day plan for getting on track to and achieving your big personal life goals at the end of the workshop.Likewise, it isn’t business coaching, but again, you’ll still leave the day with a 30-day marching orders for making more money, getting to the next level in your career, or taking your business to 7-figures, 8-figures and beyond.

It isn’t a bunch of “touchy feely” trust exercises that just leaves you with a few positive affirmations or Law of Attraction tips. Nor is it sales training or a bunch of marketing advice that you could have found in a $20 book.

Instead, the Perfect Life Workshop is about implementing proven success systems and structure into your days so that you finally have True Freedom™ in your life.

These systems are based on Craig’s 20 years of personal study and experience in working with high-performers like you. You’ll leave the day with detailed, custom blueprints for experiencing quantum leaps both personally and professionally


A: Craig’s 1-on-1 private clients pay $25,000 to go through the Perfect Life program with him in his Denver office. However, the Perfect Life workshop is only $5,000 for you today because you’ll work together in a small, intimate group along with no more than 5 other high-achievers with similar goals as you.


A: Yes, you can bring a business partner or your life partner for an additional $2,500 – pending Craig’s approval after you discuss your past obstacles, present situation, and future goals and dreams. In some cases it is best to work with each person one-at-a-time.


A: Absolutely. What is said in the room stays in the room. Your fellow attendees value their privacy, just as you do. However, during the event you’ll all benefit from being open, honest, and vulnerable about your struggles and our strengths. And yes, Craig will be sharing too. By the end of the first hour you’ll know more about him than most of his closest family members! But you’ll feel comfortable sharing knowing that nothing will leave the room.

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