FBBC Exclusive NCI Workshop

Discover How You Can Add an Extra $7,500 in Monthly Revenue to Your Fit Body Boot Camp Practically Overnight WITHOUT Any Added Overhead or Marketing (And No Extra Work for You!)

Jason Phillips Presents:

Nutrition Coaching Institute Level 1 Workshop

Dates: September 22-23, 2018

Location: Fit Body Boot Camp™ HQ in Chino Hills, CA

Investment: $1500 $1049 ONLY $597! (60% Discount for This Session Only)

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Watch This Now to See How Real Coaches Are Making More Money Through NCI!

You have the opportunity right now to add an extra service to your business that will generate you an extra $7,500 per month in added revenue without ANY ongoing overhead, added marketing budget, or even personal time commitment.

How does it work? Here’s how:

Hi, I’m Jason Phillips, founder of the Nutritional Coaching Institute (NCI), and I’m working with the Fit Body Boot Camp leadership to revolutionize the nutrition coaching model in the same way Fit Body has revolutionized the personal training model.

See, most people cannot afford a dedicated nutrition coach because their rates are in the range of $500 per month and above.

You know as a fitness expert that most of your clients’ weight loss results come from nutrition first, so if you could find a way to bridge this gap you would…

  1. Create the best results in town (which will kill your competition)
  2. Have a unique offering that no other fitness center or gym could duplicate
  3. Create a highly lucrative added income stream for yourself that would benefit your most motivated clients who want an even higher level of service


See, once you send your coach through this program (at an incredible 60% discount exclusive to FBBC) you can offer personalized, in-depth nutrition coaching as an added service to your clients at a rate of $150 per month.

The way to position this is NOT your standard cookie-cutter nutrition advice for boot camp newbies. This is in-depth nutrition coaching backed by the most cutting edge science, designed to smash through your clients plateaus and conquer their toughest eating challenges.

That means it’s also the ideal way to take existing clients at the 6, 12, or 18 month mark and secure their loyalty for another 12 months and beyond—why go scrambling for new clients when you can take your best current clients and instantly double their lifetime value?

And once you add 50 of your clients to this new service (which is typical for Nutrition Coaches in who go through NCI workshops) you’ll have added $7,500 in extra revenue to your boot camp.

50 Nutrition Coaching Clients X $150/Month = $7,500 Extra Monthly Revenue

This is NOT a new marketing gimmick, NOT an expensive new business expansion, and the best part is that your chosen coach will take on all the extra work—not you.

“But Wait, How is This Different From Other Nutrition Certifications?”

The Nutritional Coaching Institute (NCI) is the ONLY certification that teaches you and your trainer or coach how to position your nutrition coaching as an extremely attractive additional investment on top of boot camp membership.

NCI accomplishes this by guiding your coach or trainer through a 90 day case study using a real client, so that they put their new knowledge into PRACTICE, not just theory.

During that case study, your coach or trainer will learn:

  • How to identify and correct the hormone imbalances that can sabotage your clients’ results even when they’re doing everything right.
  • How to use the PSYCHOLOGY of nutrition to create better compliance—and therefore better results—than your clients have ever experienced before.
  • How to build a deeper level of trust and rapport with clients so that they will open up to honest feedback about their lifestyle and eating habits so they can finally make the changes they need to reach their most desired outcomes.
  • How to uncover the real, unspoken, primal desires and challenges that motivate your clients to succeed or fail with their diet.
  • How to professionally address sensitive but POWERFUL topics like sex drive, eating disorders, and hormone issues to turn your most difficult to serve clients into diehard, fanatical, unshakably loyal champions of your brand.

You owe it to your best clients to offer them a higher level of continued service in the form of more personalized, lifestyle-friendly nutritional coaching, and they will happily pay you double what they are paying now when you provide that in the form of NCI Nutritional Coaching.

And those “can’t be helped” clients who seem almost genetically doomed to suffer from weak results and lifestyle issues—now you can turn them into not just “can be helped” clients, but awe-inspiring transformational stories that will be the most powerful organic marketing in your arsenal at NO EXTRA COST to you.

And in case you’re wondering…

Yes, I Do Have a Secret Agenda!

See, with this 60% discount I’m giving you on this workshop…I’m not even making a profit. It’s literally just to cover my expenses for traveling out to California, teaching your coach, and providing the 90 case study process.

And I’m more than happy to leave that money on the table because I believe you, as a Fit Body Family member, are the best person to spearhead the revolution that’s coming in the Nutritional Coaching space.

See, I’ve had many conversations with Bedros and the FBBC Leadership team about how to give more people access to high-end nutritional coaching, simply because I know how many people need it.

Just like Fit Body Boot Camp revolutionized personal training by making it one-to-many while keeping the same level of personalized results and attention, I want to do the exact same thing with nutritional coaching.

And who better to lead this revolution than the people who laid down the foundation for this model in the first place?

Just like Fit Body Boot Camp did the first time, we’re going to split the cost of a typical 1-on-1 nutritional coach and pass the savings onto your clients, which means MORE clients for you at HIGHER total sales volume and HIGHER PROFIT MARGINS FOR YOU!

Do You Want to Be on the Cutting Edge?

In the near future, ALL FBBC locations will come equipped with an NCI-trained Nutrition Coach. It will just be baked into the business model to make sure that your brand continues to evolve, grow, and keep your position as an industry leader.

Right now, you personally have the exciting opportunity to be on the absolute, bleeding razor’s edge of the Fit Body Boot Camp business model by sending your coach to this workshop.

If you are an action-taking, growth-minded, highly ambitious FBBC owner and you truly believe you have the power to change the lives of your community while generating exponentially more income for your and your family, then you need to send a coach to this workshop.

What You Need to Do Right Now

If you agree that this opportunity could yield an extra $7,500 in monthly revenue for your boot camp, and that it could yield exponential growth in the form of higher positioning for your boot camp as the unquestioned authority on transformational fat loss, here is what you need to do now:

Click Here to Secure Your Coach’s Seat at This FBBC Exclusive Workshop to Add $7,500 in Monthly Revenue!


Space is limited to 20 seats, because that’s the maximum number of people my team and I can effectively guide through the 90 day follow up case study process.

After all, I want to make sure your coach gets the personalized attention and guidance they need to thrive!

PLUS, I’m only offering the 60% discount for this session only. After this, it will revert back to the standard FBBC discount of 30%.

So if you are ready to be on the cutting edge of Fit Body Boot Camp’s massive growth and evolution, make sure you secure your coach’s seat today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: Nope! You can, and should, make this an optional service to add on top of your base boot camp membership.

This level of nutrition coaching is really designed for your most difficult to help clients who can’t or won’t follow your nutrition advice, OR for your most motivated clients who are seeking even greater results.

In fact, one of the best ways to position this coaching is as a way to reignite the passion in a client who has already been around for 6 to 12 months and is itching for something new.

When you show them you can give them an even leaner body, greater energy, and even more lifestyle support through NCI-certified nutrition coaching, they will happily pay you double what they’re paying already!

A: Nope! All you need to do is pick out your best coach and upgrade by sending them to this workshop.

Think of it this way: do you want your best, most motivated, most talented coach to stay with you and effectively double the revenue they generate for you, or do you want them to leave your business and find better opportunities somewhere else?

By sending your best coach to this workshop, you can prove to them that they have greater opportunities for growth working with you than they will find anywhere else.

Plus, you can structure the nutritional coaching as a revenue share between you and the coach, so that…

  • Your best coach stays loyal to you, keeps delivering outstanding service, and effectively doubles the revenue they bring into your business,
  • You get to double the value of each client they nutritionally coach with ZERO added overhead,
  • And you now have an exclusive service that no other fitness center or gym in your community can offer, giving you an enormous competitive edge.

A: Yes, I highly recommend you send your coach to this workshop even if you or your coach have worked with other nutrition experts already.

Most likely, that other nutrition expert gave you or your team the latest knowledge in the nutrition space, and I’m sure their knowledge is great.

However, NCI is the only certification that is based on application and designed to position your nutritional coaching as a high-end, additional service on top of your base membership.

If you want to keep applying the nutrition formulas you’ve learned already as part of your base membership package – that’s great! Go for it. Just make sure you also send a coach to this workshop so you can create an extra stream of revenue through high-end nutritional coaching.

A: Your choice, although it’s probably best to just send out your coach.

Your coach will receive a complete set of marching orders plus 90 days of follow up with a member of my team, so you just send them to us and we’ll take care of the rest!

A: Yes, you absolutely should!

After sitting down with Bedros and several Fit Body Boot Camp owners to take a deep dive into the business model, I can say with 100% certainty that this is the fastest, most effective way you can add an extra $7,500 to your revenue to your boot camp with zero added overhead over the next six months.

Plus, when you’re the only boot camp that offers high-end nutritional coaching like this, it’s going to wipe out your competition because none of them can offer this level of nutritional coaching at the same scale.

You’re going to create better results than they can and offer way more value, which will position you as the ultimate fitness authority in your community.

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