Even More Powerful DPGP?

About the New Style – We heard from you that the old-style emails were too long, so we changed them! Now you’ll get short blurbs, just like this, once a week. If I have longer announcements or extra resources, I’ll just link them here.


WC Registration CLOSES 2/15 – Matt Wilber told you the truth on the Facebook Family group: if you come to World Conference, you will get more clients and make more money. Sign up here: https://fbbcwc.com/


Social Media Influencer Panel Added to FBS – Want to know how social media fitness celebrities attract 100,000s of followers and convert them into paying clients? Get your WC ticket and we’ll show you how to get your 50% discount on FBS: https://fbbcwc.com/

Even More Powerful DPGP? – The Lead Launcher team is working on an upgrade to DPGP so you can get even more leads and even skip the orientation! Still under wraps…but email Jasmine at marketingteam@fitbodybootcamp.com and you might get a sneak peek!


My Latest Entrepreneur Article – My latest article just went live on Entrepreneur magazine! Here I teach you how to create badass fighter jets on your team so that you can multiply your income and impact. Read it here: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/308456


Lesson of the Week – The problem is always leadership and the solution is always leadership. YOU, the owner and leader, have the power to fix anything not working in your business today. Make decisions, delegate, and make sure everything you do leads to more clients and greater service delivered 👊💪


Love you all!



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