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What an exciting time of growth this year continues to be for Fit Body Boot Camp! As a brand, we are evolving and redefining the standards for success, as the excitement that ignited at our World Conference spreads across our locations like wildfire!

Barrett, CJ and I are so fired up to continue this momentum to get back in front of you and your team. We sat down and came up with a plan for offering several training events in different locations throughout the rest of the year to make it convenient and practical for you and your team to receive our focused attention and hands-on training.

A high-performing team increases client retention, client results and client referrals.

Fit Body Boot Camp is a relationship business, and your team is the frontline experience for your clients. The better trained your team is on mindset, leadership, decision-making, communication and effective coaching, the happier your clients and the higher your profits.

In order to make this training experience as impactful as possible, we are focusing on coaches, integrators, and you—the owner—in separate, full-day training sessions. This will allow us to customize the content and focus of each day for maximum outcome.

This is absolutely FREE (included in your royalties) for you and your team! Fill out the form below to inquire.

Becoming an Elite Coach: Bryce Henson, Barrett Henson, and CJ Wehrkamp

If you have coaches whom you want to turn into high-performing transformation experts so they can help increase your client retention, client results, and client referrals, then you will want to send them to this Elite Training. Bryce, Barrett, and CJ will teach:

  • How to grow your identity and performance as a world class coach
  • How to deliver a WORLD CLASS training session
  • Hands-on feedback on live training session with role plays
  • On-and-off the mat responsibilities
  • How to “manage up” and be a team player
  • Strategies to grow referrals, your clients, and your income
  • Ultimate Transformation Challenge overview

Becoming an Elite Leader: Bryce Henson, Barrett Henson, and CJ Wehrkamp

If you want to make better and faster decisions that will make your business more profitable, then attend this Elite Training with your team. Bryce, Barrett, and CJ will teach:

  • The important of creating and implementing your mission, vision, values
    How to grow your identity and performance as a world class leader
  • How to create a world class culture
  • Recruiting, hiring, firing and disciplining
  • How to accept and deliver feedback
  • How to train and develop your team
  • Top 10 leadership principles and how to implement
  • Hands-on feedback on live training session with role plays
  • How to implement supplementation

Becoming an Elite Fit Body Owner: Bryce Henson, Barrett Henson, and CJ Wehrkamp

If you as an owner want to level up your leadership abilities and your ability to communicate with your team, get clear on your vision and mission and make better and more profitable decisions, then make sure you come to this training. Bryce, Barrett, and CJ will teach:

  • How to develop millionaire habits
  • How to communicate your vision and mission clearly with your team
  • How to become ruthlessly disciplined and drive results for your clients and team
  • How to make faster and better decisions that will generate more profits
  • How to develop a team a fighter jets who will be driven to deliver results and increase profits
  • How to be an effective leader who can guide your business to massive success

For further information please contact: [email protected]

Elite Training is open to Owners, Integrators and Coaches for all 3 days of training. However, each day of training is geared specifically to the role.


July 28, 29, 30 • 2022 • Nashville, TN


November 10, 11, 12 • 2022 • Orlando, FL

(Registration will be available early August)










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