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Our hearts go out to everyone around the world  in our Fit Body Boot Camp family and beyond — who are affected by the coronavirus, either directly or indirectly. As we continue to serve our customers globally, Fit Body Boot Camp’s highest priority is the health and safety of all our partners, clients, families and team members. We are closely monitoring the evolving Coronavirus (COVID-19) developments to ensure we keep everyone’s health top of mind.   


We strongly encourage gathering updates on the COVID-19 developments through credible sources during this time such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)


Interim Guidance for Businesses and Employers 


“We are not at the mercy of the virus…” – WHO Director-General 


Our clients and everyone around us are looking to YOU for leadership and reacting to a situation will only add fuel to the fire. Instead, Respond to the situation by being proactive, educating and taking preventative measures to ensure the health and wellness of everyone we know. This is an evolving situation and what the world needs right now are leaders. Be that leader within your Fit Body Family and community. 


Patrick David created a video that puts into perspective the risk of the Coronavirus in comparison to other viruses. It’s a must-watch



Also here is an informative page with easy-to-understand, updating facts about the situation.


  1. What are the best practices to ensure my facility is prepared for this virus? First, ensure a deep cleaning at your location is done right away. Read this entire Guide for Businesses and Employers released by the CDC here. Plan, prepare and respond. 


    You are the leader within your community and it is your responsibility to proactively communicate how you and your team are fighting this virus through education and taking necessary precautions.    


    Clean regularly and disinfect before, and after each session. If the surface allows for it, use detergent or soap and water prior to disinfection. Have clients wash their hands before and after each session. Ensure you have disinfectant wipes and disinfectant spray. Additionally, pass out wipes after each session and encourage clients to wipe their equipment so its a team effort. Ensure this is very visible to your clients so they not only read but see the proactive cleaning efforts! Seeing is believing. 


    Additionally, we recommend fist bumps and not high fives to minimize the possibility of exposure. 


  3. If a client(s) and or team members seem to be sick, what should you do? Follow this CDC recommended strategies, Encourage them to stay home, get rest, and seek a medical professional if there is any doubt of the severity. Show care and compassion for your team and clients, and remember to use this opportunity to educate your clients on best practices to keep their immune systems strong. 

  5. Should I close my gym given the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation? subject to change but as of March 18th, 2020 We are strongly recommending that all Fit Boot Camp locations temporarily suspend onsite operations. As a united front, we are pivoting to online coaching in order to virtually bring fitness into the comfort and safety of our member’s homes. We see this as our social responsibility and obligation as a unified brand. We anticipate this request to be effective through the end of the March and are hopeful for a returning date of April 1 (barring any local or federal government extensions).

    Please visit this link here for further details and access to SWIPE email messages to your clients towards the bottom of this page. Link Here   


  7. If I have a member that wants to freeze or cancel their membership due to the Coronavirus, what should I be doing or saying? 

    Understanding the customer’s perspective. Understanding that they are potentially being fed information about the virus through other media platforms. This is the time to over-deliver our service, community and 


     A potential solution –  Instead of canceling or freezing offer more value by offering the “The Fit Body Stronger Together Challenge” launching March 23rd,  live streams sessions, home workouts, and nutrition guides/plans while this situation passes.  


    Be proactive with your communication and what your location is doing to prevent the potential spread of this virus. Regular and constant updates are crucial during this time. We have provided 2 recommended swipe emails (link below in the shared file) to jump your efforts, be sure to edit the location details and adjust as needed. At this moment, if you are not affected by a government mandate in your area – we suggest adhering to her current location hold and cancelation policy.


  9. Do I have to honor the membership cancellation based on their reasoning of COVID-19? You must honor the agreements you have created and executed with your clients within your written policy. The biggest way to avoid hold and cancelation requests is to be proactive with your communication on what measures you are taking to keep your clients safe. Additionally, use this opportunity to educate clients on ways to be healthy (for example: drinking water, working out, eating fruits and veggies which all help the immune system). A solution is to offer the “The Fit Body Stronger Together Challenge”  and over-deliver on your value to the clients through virtual sessions and consistently engaging your customers.   

  11. Should I be proactively reaching out to my members to let them know our facility is clean and is proactive about disinfecting/cleaning?  Absolutely! Our recommendation, until the situation calms, is to email and communicate with your clients and team at least 2 times a week through any means that best suit your facility.  (Facebook, Facebook Live, Email, etc). Reinforce your cleaning and disinfection procedures, and use this as an opportunity to share health tips to boost the immune system. HQ will be providing more content but highly encourage you to take ownership and be proactive. Spend 30 minutes researching different ways to boost your immune system, limit risk and be an education source your clients can rely on. This is adding value while being proactive in your communication & care for your clients. 

  13. What is the best way to clean/disinfect my Dollamur / carpet bonded mats?

    Hot water extraction (steam cleaning) is a very good way to maintain the appearance and hygiene of the surface. Do NOT use soap. Dollamur offers a mat cleaner directly on their website that can be used with carpet extraction machines (rented or purchased). Be sure to read the instructions on the bottle for proper dilution.   

    Download the current cleaning guide here


  15. Cleaning my equipment? What should I be using and how often should I be doing this? You should be spraying your equipment with disinfectant spray before and after every session. Additionally, pass out disinfectant wipes before and after the session as ask your members to help clean their equipment, so that way everyone is working together to help fight the potential spread.  Ensure this is very visible to your clients so they not only read but see the proactive efforts to ensure their health and wellness. Seeing is believing! CDC – Cleaning and Disinfection Recommendations 

  17. What should I do if there is a COVID-19 case in my location?  Remain calm.  You are the leader and set the tone. If there is a case at your location, contact your CAP coach so we can create a custom and specific communication plan for your location. (depending on the specifics of the situation). 

  19. If I am financially impacted by the COVID-19 virus, who can I reach out to? Be proactive with your communication and your hold and cancelation policy is the best way to limit the financial impact.  We have provided 2 recommended swipe emails (below is the 2nd and example for a shared file), just be sure to edit with your location details. Regular proactive communication is essential at this time and the best recommendation. That said, to some degree you should expect a financial impact as the world economy is connected and no one is exempt, FBBC HQ included. But ensure you are focusing on strong team communication and client experience. It’s also a good idea to audit any frivolous spending. 

  21. What are resources that I can get access to that can help me mitigate risk to my business? The Small Business Association is offering disaster assistance by contacting them directly. Call 1-800-659-2955 (TTY: 1-800-877-8339) or e-mail [email protected].   


Guidance for Businesses and Employers to Plan and Respond  

SBA Disaster Assistance 

If you are looking for a SBA loan that is not related to the current situation and please feel free to connect with FranFund directly to discuss other SBA loan options. (Requirements – 2 years tax filing for personal and business, 700+ credit and your business is profiting, there may be additional requirements)  


Shirley Kefgen

Senior Funding Consultant

FranFund, Inc.

Office 817.730.4506

[email protected]




World Conference 

  1. Is the World Conference still taking place? 


As this health crisis continues to develop, we must postpone our Fit Body World Conference and Awards Gala, which was scheduled for April 3&4 in San Diego, until our world has recovered.


We did not make this decision lightly, given the importance of this much-anticipated event and the positive impact that we know The Fit Body Way is poised to have on your business and income.


Please rest assured that we do not consider this a cancellation by any means. This is simply a postponement until it is safe to proceed.

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