Corona Update 3/17

Hello Fit Body Family,

Due to government recommendations, we are strongly recommending that all Fit Body Boot Camp locations temporarily suspend onsite operations as of tomorrow Wednesday, March 18, and as a united front we are pivoting to online coaching in order to virtually bring fitness into the comfort and safety of our member’s homes. We see this as our social responsibility and obligation as a unified brand. We anticipate this request to be effective through the end of the March and are hopeful for a returning date of April 1 (barring any local or federal government extensions).

Below you will find a swipe email to send to your members communicating about this temporary suspension and information on our new online, at-home fitness program.

I will continue to be in touch with you over the coming weeks as we work together through this unprecedented time as the situation continues to develop.

I urge you to take a deep breath and to stay calm.

While suspending your on site training, even temporarily, is something you likely never imagined that you would have to do, and you may be experiencing feelings of anxiety, uncertainty and stress, please rest assured that we have a plan to not only maintain your current memberships but to potentially gain new prospects and future members over the coming weeks.

The show must go on!

Friends, your members and the prospects in your community need you NOW more than ever before. With more and more members of society staying in their homes, there is a GREAT NEED for online, in-home coaching. And in this time of health risk, being strong and fit is more important than ever before.

We have the opportunity and the obligation to provide our members and prospects with a safe and effective bodyweight program that can be performed in the comfort and safety of their own homes.

The Fit Body 28-Day Stronger Together At Home Challenge is in development and will be delivered to you by EOD Wednesday, and includes EVERYTHING you need to successfully service your members and prospects while your boot camp doors are closed. Assets will be sent to you so that you can post the workout videos daily in your own, private, Face Book group of paying members.

    This program includes:

  • A daily, 30-minute, follow-along workout video
  • A daily mindset/nutrition video
  • A 28-day nutrition guide
  • Sales copy with sales videos
  • Sales emails

Additionally, as a way to keep growing your online membership we are pivoting the offer on to align with this at-home challenge so that anyone in your community searching for at-home fitness during this time of social distancing will have access to join your online community.

These prospects will learn to love our popular 30-minute fat burning workout in the comfort of their own home, and once the threat of the coronavirus has passed, you can get on the phone with them and convert them into full-fledged members of your location.

For members, this challenge is set to begin on Monday March 23 as a retention and engagement tool to keep your members active and engaged while they are stuck at home for the next couple of weeks.

For prospects, this challenge will cost $28 and is a great opportunity to keep your community engaged, and to sign them up for membership once your door re-open.

And while the challenge doesn’t officially start until Monday, here you will find 6 at-home workouts to share daily with your members between now and when the challenge starts. So your current clients can start the online training as of today!

March 17 Work Out

March 18 Work Out

March 19 Work Out

March 20 Work Out

March 21 Work Out

March 22 Work Out

Or you have the option of downloading the At-Home Workouts and uploading to your location’s Youtube or Vimeo account:

And due to our swift pivot to online, at-home coaching is already garnering some media attention. Check out this segment on FOX news with CAP Coach Barrett:

As always, I’m available to help answer your questions and to support you as you make this temporary pivot to online, at-home coaching. Feel free to reach out to me at any time, and stay tuned for continued updates from myself and the entire HQ team.


Committed to your success,

Bedros Keuilian
CEO, Fit Body Boot Camp


I’m coming over…(BIG announcement!)


Here at Fit Body Boot Camp we’re doing our part to fight coronavirus by following the government recommendations to temporarily suspend workout sessions from now through the end of March.

But we’re still going to train you and give you amazing results! In fact, now more than ever it’s critical to keep working out, eating right and staying positive so that you can reduce stress and keep your immune system strong.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? It means that you won’t be able to come to Fit Body Boot Camp at your normal time to get the invigorating, 30-minute, fat-burning workouts that you know and love.

BUT I’m coming to your home (virtually) EVERY DAY to make sure that you are getting an effective workout!

That’s right, as a valued member of my Fit Body Boot Camp family, you now have access to daily, 30-minute, fat-burning workouts that you can safely and comfortably do in the comfort of your own home, using your body weight.

These follow-along workouts are new and exciting every day and will keep your results going strong, your stress levels lowered, and your immune system strong!

And that’s not all…

To keep you motivated and on track through this time of social distancing, we are launching The Fit Body 28-Day Stronger Together At-Home Challenge on Monday, March 23rd.

This challenge is FREE for members like you and includes a 28-day Nutrition Plan in addition to the fun and effective, daily at-home workouts. This challenge is a fun way for us all to stay motivated and accountable together as we fight the coronavirus by practicing social distancing.

The first follow-along at-home workout is ready for you! Check it out here in our Private Members FB Group. (link to video on your FB page)

So for the time being, our private Facebook group will be the community and your home will be the gym as we continue to keep exercising and getting results.

Once you complete this at-home workout, post #fbbcstrong below the video so that I know you did it! Also tag your boot camp friends and accountability partners so that they also do the workout and stay on track with their fitness while at home.

I’ll be contacting you soon with more details on The Fit Body 28-Day Stronger Together At-Home Challenge and to check up on you! Stay tuned 🙂

Your sign off

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