FBBC Mastermind 4.0

ATTENTION FBBC OWNER: If you already envision a multi-location empire for yourself or you want to grow your first location to absolute maximum profits and deliver world-class results to your clients, READ THIS:

More Clients. Higher Profits. Market Domination. Stronger Leadership. More Freedom. Bigger Impact. Multiple Locations.  Introducing FBBC Mastermind 4.0 

FROM: BRYCE HENSON, CEO of Fit Body Boot Camp

If you’re reading this, then you want and expect more of yourself and your business.

You aren’t satisfied with making “enough” money or helping “enough” people.

You have that fire in your belly demanding that you DOMINATE in your community, become the #1 fitness and fat loss facility, and create an impact and legacy that is fitting for your true potential.

That’s why I’ve put together the ULTIMATE Peak Performance Coaching program for Fit Body Boot Camp owners and have assembled the ULTIMATE team of mentors to coach you to massive success!

Matt Wilber, CAP and I are pleased to announce to you the Fit Body Boot Camp Mastermind 4.0 — the most powerful coaching program to date for creating massively profitable, multi-location FBBC empires (AS LONG AS YOU’RE WILLING TO DEPLOY AND STICK TO THE BLUEPRINT, COACHING, AND ACCOUNTABILITY WE GIVE YOU)!

This is unlike any other mastermind or coaching program available anywhere! This is a brand-new, highly-structured, outcome-driven format that comes with massive accountability to help you level up in leadership, automate your marketing, build a high-performance team, and maximize your profits.


Apply To Mastermind Before February 28 and we’ll waive the buy-in fee.

Yes! I’m ready to apply for FBBC Mastermind 4.0!

Introducing the Fit Body Boot Camp Mastermind 4.0

Meet Your Coaches

Matt Wilber is the owner of 9 Fit Body Boot Camp locations in Michigan and 3 of his locations are already generating $1,000,000 annually. After living out of his grandmother’s basement when he was fresh out of college, Matt went on to build his Fit Body Boot Camp empire through his relentless focus on delivering outstanding physical transformations and world-class customer service.

Bryce Henson is the owner of Mission Viejo Fit Body Boot Camp, generating 7 Figures, and is the Vice President of Fit Body Boot Camp. As a man who lives and breathes the brand, Bryce is the master at teaching fellow Fit Body owners how to create a strong culture in their boot camps, which is the key to maximizing your sales and retention.

And of course, there’s CAP, the Coaching & Profitability team determined to scale your empire to multiple locations and give you access to the highest level of coaching, mentoring, and business growth! Prepare yourself to be empowered and gifted a superior mentality.

Yes! I’m ready to apply for FBBC Mastermind 4.0!

Why Join the Fit Body Boot Camp Mastermind 4.0?

There are six critical pillars for growing your Fit Body Boot Camp empire to maximum profits and impact:

  1. Systems
  2. Marketing
  3. Sales
  4. Retention
  5. Leadership
  6. Scale

The best way to learn these pillars is to work directly with Fit Body owners who have successfully implemented them into their own businesses — you simply cannot get this same level of knowledge at this level of SPEED through generic business coaching or book learning.

That’s why we’ve upgraded the Mastermind to include even more direct access to your coaches…

Yes! I’m ready to apply for FBBC Mastermind 4.0!

The Fit Body Boot Camp Mastermind 4.0: What You Get

  • Three 2-day “Mastermind” meetings per year held at our Fit Body Boot Camp Headquarters in Chino Hills, CA
  • Three evening networking dinners
  • The best accountability and action driven program to help push you to higher levels of success
  • Access to the most cutting edge marketing, sales, referral generation and client retention systems that are working best for the people in the group
  • Access to ALL of Bedros’ business building products for FREE
  • Two FREE registrations for the annual FBBC World Conference for you and your partner, spouse or key employee
  • NEW TO 4.0: Implementation time DURING the mastermind so you can immediately see what works for your business, see what needs tweaking, and get direct feedback from Matt Wilber, Bryce Henson, and me — instantly
  • NEW TO 4.0: Monthly virtual Mastermind Meetings with Bryce Henson and Matt Wilber so you can get even more immediate feedback on how to maintain rapid growth in your business, smash through bottlenecks, and discover blink-and-you-miss-it opportunities for higher revenue and profits
  • NEW TO 4.0: New Guest Experts at every meeting to bring you the most cutting edge strategies, tools, and insights from fitness industry leaders and top-performing entrepreneurs

Yes! I’m ready to apply for FBBC Mastermind 4.0!

Requirements to Join the Fit Body Boot Camp Mastermind 4.0

  • You must be ready and willing to accept and implement the incredible business strategies shared within group meetings
  • You will be required to share details about your business successes and failures during Mastermind meetings
  • You must attend and actively participate in at least two of the three yearly Mastermind meetings
  • Only serious business owners and action-takers will be invited to join — the group only works when everyone is committed to reaching their full potential and willing to take the big risks needed to create massive growth in business
  • A twelve-month commitment is required
  • YOUR INVESTMENT: $2000 Buy-in. And $997 per month OR $10,000 paid in full
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee. Come to Chino Hills in February, and if you are not completely satisfied, will refund your $997 on the SPOT!

Join Mastermind before February 28 and we’ll waive the buy-in fee.

FBBC Mastermind Application

Please contact Helen at [email protected] if you have any questions.
Thank you.

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