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Maximum Profits. Taking Back Your Time. Happier, More Loyal Clients. Streamlined Daily Operations. Peace of Mind. Introducing the ClubReady Masterclass,
Exclusive to Fit Body Boot Camp

FROM: BRYCE HENSON, Vice President of Fit Body Boot Camp

Our promise to you, as a Fit Body Boot Camp owner, is a business model that’s highly profitable, easy to run, easy to scale, and allows you to impact hundreds of lives through health and fitness.

To make that happen, you need the most robust software system in place for your marketing, client management, and sales tracking.

That’s exactly why we chose ClubReady as our software partner, and why we’re taking it one step further to support you as you make this upgrade to your business.


Date: February 11, 2018
Location: Chino Hills, CA

This is a full-day workshop, 7 hours long including a 1 hour lunch, where you will work directly with the ClubReady team dedicated to Fit Body Boot Camp to make sure you’re getting the absolute maximum profits, time savings, and client happiness out of your new software.

Sign ups are FREE, but space is limited to 55 seats due to the size of our learning center. 50% of the seats are already filled, so register NOW if you’re interested.

Disclaimer: Event is free and spots are filling up fast!!! There will be a fee of $97 for no-shows if not cancelled within 14 days.

Meet Your Coach

Adam Faris is the dedicated ClubReady project manager for Fit Body Boot Camp. He’s an expert on the software and I had the pleasure of meeting with him here at the HQ just recently. He’s a solid dude who’s committed to helping Fit Body owners get the most out of this software.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Member/Prospect Management – so that the system will seamlessly collect the right payments and send out the right messaging to members and prospects.
  • Agreement and Invoice Management – so that you never miss an important document as you onboard new prospects, leads, and clients.
  • Credits and Scheduling – so that your members can easily schedule their own workouts for maximum convenience.
  • POS Management – so that you can track your sales numbers at a glance, make sure your business is on pace for growth, and unlock opportunities for even greater profits.
  • Staff Management – so that you can better organize your team, foster teamwork and collaboration, and ultimately deliver an even higher level of service to your members.
  • LeadSPEAK – so that you can attract a constant stream of highly interested, well qualified, new leads and prospects, plus provide referral-stimulating follow-up to current clients and leads.


Disclaimer: Event is free and spots are filling up fast!!! There will be a fee of $97 for no-shows if not cancelled within 14 days.

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