3 Updates from Bedros!

FBBC Family!

Three new updates for you as we head into the new year.

We’re always working to elevate the FBBC brand and the value FBBC HQ delivers to you and the value that you deliver to your clients and community.

In that spirit, here are some updates you should know about.


Effective December 31st, we are terminating the deal with Costco. After 90 days of stats, the deal proved to be ineffective for brand recognition and didn’t generate enough sales to justify the relationship with Costco.

We will follow up with you later this week with more details about remaining vouchers, refunds, etc.


As of last week, your FBBC website now takes the name, email, and PHONE number for the 3 free trial sessions. This will give you more leverage to follow up with new leads with the monster follow up system I’ve created for you.

We will be tracking and testing this new feature to see how to optimize it so that you get the most leads without a massive reduction in email opt ins. But as of now, you will start getting name, email and phone numbers of people who opt in for the 3 free workouts.


We’re also building out a super robust training platform for your trainers. My goal is to turn ALL Trainers into Coaches. There’s a big difference between a trainer who know where muscles insert and originate and a coach who is intuitive enough to understand the client’s mood, energy, and feelings and support your clients though the best and most effective workouts of their lives.

This new education platform for your coaches will be robust. It will cover nutrition, eating habits, emotions, communication, building meaningful relationships, do’s and don’ts, advanced training, special populations, and how to work with introverted clients, non-compliant clients, and clients with unique needs.

I believe there’s a massive difference between a Trainer and a Coach and I’ve seen how Coaches are able to connect deeper, communicate better, and therefore get compliance and lasting results from clients.

I know I said three things, but there’s a 4th!


I’ll be conducting leadership training for you to help you elevate your ability to lead your team, make faster/better decisions, communicate effectively, and build your own leadership team who will be in line with your vision.

As always more great things to come!

Thanks you for your constant feedback, commitment to growth, and badassery. Together we’re making FBBC #Unstoppable



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