10 Spots Left – Only 24 Hours!

Hey Fit Body Family!

So sorry—I meant to send this earlier but my inbox has been overflowing with owners who want us to run Drop Pounds, Get Paid for them!

Have you heard about it yet? Drop Pounds, Get Paid is the BEST lead generator we’ve ever created here at Lead Launcher.

Here, check out some of the numbers so far…

  • David Greenberg @ Houston: 91 leads + $8,500 revenue
  • Philippe Heusdain @ Lonestar: 92 leads
  • Herve Medard @ West Boylston: 170 leads + $13,585 revenue
  • Jennifer Renfro @ Southlake: 224 leads + $9,600 revenue
  • Laura Wise @ Haslet: 61 leads
  • Steven Briscoe @ Farmingdale: 352 + $12,358 revenue
  • Billie Young @ Orange Park, Jacksonville, and Philips Highway: 329 leads
  • Maiah Hernandez @ Rowland Heights: 62 leads

And if you run Drop Pounds, Get Paid through Lead Launcher, it’s completely done-for-you. That’s right: you send us a budget, then we run the Facebook ads for you. All you need to do is smile and greet those new leads as they come pouring through your doors.


I only have 10 spots left for December/January, and I can only fill those spots in the next 24 hours!

Like I said, I have a ton of owners asking about this already. I owe it to them to give their campaigns the care and attention they deserve.

And I want to make sure I give YOUR ads the attention they deserve so that you get the maximum number of leads, clients, and revenue from Drop Pounds, Get Paid!

So if you’re interested in running DPGP through Lead Launcher (completely done-for-you), PLEASE email me right away at [email protected]!

Talk soon,


P.S. There’s zero risk with Lead Launcher—if there’s any left over budget, we give it back to you. If you don’t get leads, we don’t get paid. It’s 100% driven by YOUR results! Email me at [email protected] to run Drop Pounds, Get Paid—our best lead generator yet!


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