05-28-2020 – The #1 defining factor of success

…is consistency.

Success is not having a good sprint every now and again.

Success is creating consistency in money, happiness and quality of life. 

To achieve this, you must establish and maintain consistency in every important area of your life…

  • Be consistent in your MORNING ROUTINE
  • Be consistent in your DIET
  • Be consistent in how you TRAIN
  • Be consistent in your POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE
  • Be consistent in your GRATITUDE
  • Be consistent in your WORK ETHIC

Stay consistent in these areas and reap the rewards of long term success. 

Please watch my LIVE video from earlier today. Tune in to my LIVE video Wednesdays at 12noon PDT.


I will go LIVE every WEDNESDAY at 12 PDT – and the 4th WEDNESDAY of each month will be a ZOOM TRAINING CALL for Owners & Coaches.

1. Elite Trainings are BACK! <== Register Here

Bryce, Barrett and I are excited to get back on the road with our in-person Elite Trainings for you, your facility leaders and your coaches. 

  • LONG ISLAND, NY: July 23-35
  • CHINO HILLS, CA: August 7-9

2. New 28-Day Stronger Together Resources

Here is everything you need to run the 28-Day Stronger Together Challenge.

Please make sure to read the introduction and overview before moving onto the campaigns.

You will need to edit the campaigns to match your location’s staff, do not just import the campaign codes and not edit the campaigns. Please make sure to edit all links as well.

It should take approximately 20 minutes to edit 1 campaign thoroughly.

This is set up that you understand how to use Fit Pro Tracker already. The guide is not designed to teach you how to utilize Fit Pro Tracker.

  1. Introduction/Overview 
  2. Campaign #1 – Welcome/Onboarding 
  3. Campaign #2 – Content/Relationship 
  4. Campaign #3 – NAG Campaign 

3. COVID19 REOPENING Video <==

Here’s a video to share with your members, prepping them for the Fit Body Protocol once they get back into boot camp. Big shout out to Bryce’s mom, Donna, for her awesome performance as a client 🙂

4. Be The Light: Member Engagement Campaign <==

This new member engagement campaign, Be The Light, begins Monday and runs for the entire month of June. Assets are being added to this page today, and by next Wednesday the assets for the entire campaign will be ready for download.

Want to contribute content? There’s still time to ==> Fill out this simple survey! 

5. READY TO LEVEL UP? (Men only)

Guys, if you feel a gnawing in your gut that you’re meant for MORE in your Family, Finances, Fitness and Faith then I’ve got the 75-hour experience and the brotherhood to take your life to the next level. Every one of our previous Project classes has had a Fit Body owner and I’d like to keep it that way. There is only one spot left, and I’m cutting the price in half for Fit Body Owners. Reach out to [email protected]. Class 005 starts on June 23rd.

6. Need Cleaning Supplies? <==

Please use this sign-up sheet and follow the ordering instructions on the bottom of the page with our new vendor Aramsco. They have all the supplies listed (including Hand Sanitizer) and ship to anywhere in the US and Canada.

A Few Other Things…

As always, I’m available to help answer your questions and to support you. Feel free to reach out to me at any time and stay tuned for continued updates from myself and the entire HQ team.


Committed to your success,

Bedros Keuilian
CEO, Fit Body Boot Camp


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