05-11-2020 – Junk in, junk out

Good Morning Fit Fam,

I hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed Mother’s Day.

Junk in, junk out.

That’s what the human mind is… a processor of thoughts and feelings.

If you lean toward pessimism, if you’re cynical, or if you’re closed minded then your mind will seek out and amplify events and experiences to justify what you’re feeling.

Want to change all that?

Change your feelings and thoughts.

Junk in, junk out.

Please watch my LIVE video from earlier today. Tune in to my 2x’s-a-week LIVE videos Mondays and Wednesdays at 12noon PDT.


It was great to get back on Fox News this morning to represent Fit Body Boot Camp and California gyms, in response to Governor Newsom putting us in reopening phase 3, which is potentially still a month away. 

It was a great opportunity to share how Fit Body Boot Camp is leading the charge for reopening safely with the Fit Body Protocol so that we can give our members and our community peace of mind right along with our fat burning results.

Take this opportunity to share with your community how Fit Body Boot Camp is a trusted brand in the fitness industry.

==> Watch the video on Fox News

==> Download the video to share 

2. Fit Body Meals is launching Thursday on FBBCAPPROVED.COM – you get $1/meal commission ($12/small box and $24/large box)

Check your email for the TRULEAN Partner Digest later today for swipes, social posts and discount codes to use in promoting our big launch this week! 

3. Train-In-Place Exercise Programming

Download the Train-In-Place Exercise Programming Excel <==

Here’s the video of train-in-place exercise programming training <==

Here’s the Coach’s playbook on how-to-run-the-challenge <==

4. Join the Owner’s Only Zoom Call – tomorrow at 12noon PST. Bring your questions! 

Join the HQ ZOOM: Tuesday, May 12th 12noon PST: https://zoom.us/j/939644732 

5. Got Fit Pro Tracker? It costs you NOTHING!

Reach out to Bryce today for assistance in setting up your account: [email protected]

6. THE FBBC Branded TRAINERIZE APP is available for download in the APP store! Follow these steps…

  1. Search “Fit Body Coaching” app in the app store from your phone
  2. Download the app
  3. Client facing: Use the same log credentials
  4. When you log in, all data will be saved as was in your previous “trainerize” app
  5.  Delete “Trainerize” app from your phone

Your clients who have already downloaded will have to do the same.  But for anyone new, it will just be downloading the “Fit Body” app directly. 

7. Leadership In Chaos and Crisis Live ZOOM Training: 

Join Navy SEAL Ray Care and US Marine Steve Eckert this Thursday, May 14th at 10:15am PDT. They’re going to be teaching leadership, communication and decision-making strategies in times of crisis (like now). Bringing battlefield leadership skills to the business world!

Register here… https://theltdproject.com/webinar/

8. Have Questions about Reopening? Reach out to Matt Schneider!

Matt Schneider, our Executive Director of Operations and Compliance, is here to help you with any questions that you have about when you should be opening your location. Reach him via email: [email protected] OR ==> schedule a call with him.

==> Download and Utilize our Fit Body Reopening Protocol 

==> Check State-by-State Reopening Updates

As always, I’m available to help answer your questions and to support you as you make this temporary pivot to online, at-home coaching. Feel free to reach out to me at any time and stay tuned for continued updates from myself and the entire HQ team.


Committed to your success,
Bedros Keuilian
CEO, Fit Body Boot Camp


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