05-03-2020 – Important Update

Hi friends,

I’m saddened by what’s going on in our world and the murder of George Floyd which reminded us of the very real injustices that exist.

Earlier this week I did a podcast with my friend and former Navy Seal, Remi Adeleke, and we dove deep into the divide that’s taking place in America today. Watch it here <==

As Remi said at the end of the podcast, and I echo his sentiment, that even with all of the chaos and unrest of this year, there is still no other country that I’d rather live. (Canada you’re a close 2nd!)

We have the freedom to cast our votes in November. We have the freedom to take a stand for our beliefs and to take action towards making positive change.

Please watch my LIVE video from earlier today. Tune in to my LIVE video Wednesdays at 12noon PDT.

  1. Re-Opening ZOOM on June 9th @ 12noon PST 

Join the HQ leadership team next week on Tuesday, June 9th at 12 noon to discuss re-opening your location. Please join us if you HAVE opened and if you HAVEN’T yet opened – there is value to share from the experiences of everyone who has already opened on what’s working and what can be massaged with the Fit Body Re-Opening Protocol.

  1. NEW NAME for the FBBC Client Check-in app “FBBC CHECK IN”

We’ve updated our Netpulse app to be named “FBBC Check In” which better describes the functionality to the client. The app will update automatically for anyone who already has it, so no action step. In order to find it in the app store, search “FBBC Check In”. Please communicate this with your clients.

  1. NEW MENU for Fit Body Meals – Launches Tomorrow on FBBCAPPROVED.COM!

In case you missed it…

As always, I’m available to help answer your questions and to support you. Feel free to reach out to me at any time and stay tuned for continued updates from myself and the entire HQ team.


Committed to your success,

Bedros Keuilian
CEO, Fit Body Boot Camp


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